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Fred Durst 
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Banned on the forums, nice haha :D
Fucking "Fred Durst" me here too, while all you fucking morons are at it.
You write reviews for this site, at any given moment they can and will be deleted. 5 deleted reviews that HAD BEEN ACCEPTED, one of the site owners Morrigan decided to have a moron work under him to delete 5 reviews I had written (MutantClannfear). He could not apparently do that himself, fucking coward.

Says this in retaliation to me, while obviously not even actually reading my fucking comment, as he states this: "Last edited by Morrigan on Fri Mar 05, 2021 4:04 pm, edited 1 time in total.
Banned for being a brain-dead nazi apologist dipshit having an epic meltdown"

I say that he did not read it, because hours had passed after MutantClannfear had deleted all my reviews of Totale Vernichtung..... claiming fucking Nazi bs, YET my Aufgegeben review was STILL FUCKING UP????????? until I had just deleted all my existing reviews after saving them first........ Aufgegeben is fucking BLATANT NS, love that band immensely, but still VERY blatant Ns. Oh that can stay............ Totale Vernichtung, no.... fucking shit pieces of hypocritical garbage. Fuck you guys!

**And, yes I defended my reviews. One, they had already been ACCEPTED. Two, you guys seriously need to get ya'll's shit straight know what bands are and are NOT Ns. And, three... if a band is on Metal-Archives, there is no where on this Goddamn site that says any rule about what bands you can or cannot write for. If this is the case, you guys might want to fucking UPDATE that shit. Fuck. Talk about fucking "brain dead". Fuck.