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Spider_X's profile

Metal freak 
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Seanda Jágr 
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Black Metal / Dark Ambient 

So, yeah... this just happened.... (as of 01/15/21)/ Vicarivs Filii Dei has just turned my world completely upside down, and am totally shocked asf I'm even saying this out in the open, but Vicarivs Filii Dei has without a shadow of a doubt, and out of no-fucking-where.... well, I'll just say it like this.......
Vicarivs Filii Dei has just surpassed Hermóðr on all counts. I truly never thought even possible, but this album, "Non Cogitant sed Tamen Sunt", just... fuuucckkkkk.......!!

*Not listed on M-A, but looking for Grave - "Back from the Grave" (cassette) ver., rare unofficial Bulgarian release; not on a label.*

My Facebook link is (NOT) broken. Requested to have it fixed a long time ago, but that never happened. So, you need to be actually logged in, to see my profile page.

I love spiders, cats (I love my Amatue!), scorpions, Black Metal (mostly)/ Dark Ambient, some Death/Thrash, Boston Bruins hockey (even though I'm from Georgia), I fight for the Alliance within the World of Warcraft!! I also collect cassettes, as well as vintage cassette players.

*My grading system on writing reviews for albums/EPs/singles: I will always give a 100% rating. My reasoning for this is because if I truly love an album so much that I am moved enough to want to write about it, it honestly deserves that 100%. I will only write about albums that I love. No sense in wasting time on writing about albums that I hate. That being said...

**Split albums are a completely different story... there will be some reviewed where I may love one band's music, but can't stand the other's... so, obviously my score/ and, writing will reflect that.

***It is probably well known (by most on here) that Hermóðr is my favorite band. I honestly have a ~genuine~ love for Hermóðr's music... however, that does NOT make this an "obsession". (I feel that I need to make a note of this on my profile.) {{EDIT}} I now have 2 favorite bands. The other being, Totale Vernichtung!

****I feel a strong desire to list a handful of bands that move me so deeply emotional, completely and totally, every. single. time., with every. single. song. with every. single. album. All are one-man bands, and it's moreso about the individual people that work miraculously behind their respected band name. Music with such intense passion, always.

Hermóðr/ Deadlife/ Deceptis/ Mist.. (Rafn)
Totale Vernichtung/ Vicarivs Filii Dei/ Angelcunt.. (Antimessiah)
Zebulon Kosted.. (Rashid Abdel Ghafur)
Hyperborean Skies.. (Ben Stire)
Chiral/ Il Vuoto.. (Matteo Gruppi)

~*~Albums on cassette, not on M-A that I have in my collection~*~

||| - Lines & Lands
Alba - The Stolen Night #22/50
Deadlife - The Order of Chaos
False Figure - a promised end
Fridfull - No Winds Blow Here #010/100
Mombi Yuleman - Witch-Works
Mors Certa - The Ever-Turning Wheel
Morwan - Ubila Mogila
Persona Black - [through the black sky]
Vacant Sea // Weeping, Kneeling (split) #38/40
Winterblood - I signori oscuri
Winterblood - Vedere le tenebre