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Spider_X's profile

Metal freak 
Full name:
Seanda Jágr 
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Black, Death, Thrash Metal 

My FaceBook link is (NOT) broken. Requested to have it fixed a long time ago, but that never happened. So, you need to be actually logged in, to see my profile page.

I love spiders, cats, scorpions, Black Metal (mostly) some Death/Thrash, Boston Bruins hockey (even though I'm from Georgia), I fight for the Alliance within the World of Warcraft!! I also collect vinyl records/cassettes.

*I have decided to continue writing reviews. I am still fairly new at this, even though I have been around since 2006. As I write, you may notice that all will have a 100% rating. My thought is this, 'why do I want to waste time writing reviews for music that I don't like, when I would much rather be writing reviews for those that I truly love and support?'. This is also how I listen to my music. I will listen to an album, and if I fall in love with what I'm hearing, and I feel moved enough to want to write about it, it honestly deserves that 100%. I mean that. This is just how it is.