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Spider_X's profile

Metal freak 
Full name:
Seanda Jágr 
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Black Metal / Dark Ambient 

My FaceBook link is (NOT) broken. Requested to have it fixed a long time ago, but that never happened. So, you need to be actually logged in, to see my profile page.

I love spiders, cats, scorpions, Black Metal (mostly)/ Dark Ambient, some Death/Thrash, Boston Bruins hockey (even though I'm from Georgia), I fight for the Alliance within the World of Warcraft!! I also collect vinyl records/cassettes.

***/ [[UPDATED NEWS]] Hopefully, come sometime in the month of October, my review writings of albums will commence. I am truly looking very forward to picking up where I had last left off. In all honesty though, I really am so far behind.... /***

*My grading system on writing reviews for albums/EPs/singles: I will always give a 100% rating. My reasoning for this is because if I truly love an album so much that I am moved enough to want to write about it, it honestly deserves that 100%. I will only write about albums that I love. No sense in wasting time on writing about albums that I hate. That being said...

**Split albums are a completely different story... there will be some reviewed where I may love one band's music, but can't stand the other's... so, obviously my score/ and, writing will reflect that.

***It is probably well known (by most on here) that Hermóðr is my favorite band. I honestly have a ~genuine~ love for Hermóðr's music... however, that does NOT make this an "obsession". (I feel that I need to make a note of this on my profile.)