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Spatupon's profile

Full name:
Robert Zuriaake 
Favourite metal genre(s):

Top 50 bands:

1. Sarcofago 2. Merciless 3. Sigh 4. Parabellum 5. Ved Buens Ende 6. Burzum 7. Morbid 8. Poison (Germany) 9. Celtic Frost 10. Hellhammer 11. Bathory 12. Protector 13. Torr 14. Hell (Uk) 15. Candlemass 16. Midnight 17. Treblinka 18. Beherit 19. Possessed 20. Monstrosity 21. Silencer 22. Master's Hammer 23. Bulldozer 24. ...And Oceans 25. Front-Line Assembly 26. Alien Vampires 27. GGFH
27. Saint Vitus 28. Venom 29. Black Sabbath 30. Blue Oyster Cult 31. Satan (UK)
31. Moonblood 32. Infernal War 33. Kataxu 34. Circle of Ouroboros 35. Darkthrone 36. Marduk 37. Dissection 38. Xasthur 39. Imperial Crystalline Entombment 40. Besatt 41. Dopamine 42. Leviathan 43.Inquisition 44. Impaled Nazarene 45. Mgla 46. Strid 47. Solitude Aeternus 48. Animetal 49. Sodom
50. Destruction.

Some of my favorite films:

Shaft (including remake), Sleepaway camp (all of them, including the 2008 release), Cube trilogy, Friday the 13th series, Nightmare on Elm street, Freddy vs Jason, The bad Batch, Judge Dredd, xXx trilogy, Lord of the rings trilogy, The hobbit trilogy, Ilsa the Wicked Warden of the SS, The Wolf Man, Begotten, Nosferatu, Aldo, Giovanni e Giacomo (film series), Fantozzi films, Hammer classics, Stalker, Andrei Rublev, Phantom of the Opera, Maltese Falcon, Marvel, DC and dark horse films, Suburbia, Scarface, 007 films, Spy Kids trilogy, Machete, transformers film series, Rocky film series, Rambo film series, The Thing, The blob, The invasion of the body-snatchers, Anti-Christ, Benvenuto al Sud, Benvenuto al Nord, the man from Hong Kong, Jackie Chan/Bruce Lee films, Karate Kid (even the latest one), Saw series, Jigsaw, Hostel film series, Benny's Videodrome. Cold Prey (1,2, 3), Operazione Paura, Martyrs,

Some of my favorite TV-shows/cartoons/anime:

Lupin, Cobra Kai, Continuum, Sanctuary, X-files, Arrow, Gotham, Sons of Anarchy, Mayans, Seagull Island, Borgen, Twilight Zone, Dragonball Z/GT/Kai/Super/Super-heroes, Mighty Morphin power rangers, Power Rangers in Space, Power Rangers Turbo, Power rangers Dino Thunder, WWE Raw, WWE NXT, WWE Smackdown!, AEW dark, Impact! wrestling, WCW nitro, Berserk, Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Boruto, One Piece, Fairy-tail, Trinity Blood, Jessica Jones, Lost, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, C siamo, Totocalcio,

Favorite video games:
Galaga, Galaxian, Space Invaders, Pacman, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, dbz Budokai series, DBZ tenkaichi series, contra series, castlevania series, God of War series, COD series, DOOM, DOOM 2, Final Doom, Brutal Doom, Doom: Plutonia Experiment, Wolfenstein 3D, Mortal Kombat series, Street-fighter series