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There is an ever expanding genre of music that simply can not, and should not, be missed. We speak, of course, of metal.

To say one does not like metal is like saying one does not like food. It seems impossible. However, if you have only tasted a single dish, and not approved, it is so easy to dismiss the rest of the buffet. Simply because hot dogs aren't for you, doesn't mean you should pass on a steak.

The same is true with the many, seemingly endless, subgenres of metal. If you have heard thrash, but found yourself unimpressed, there is always doom to turn to. Are you convinced that all metal is nothing but the deep, guttural screams and growls of death? Nay, my friend. There are also the soaring, sometimes operatic vocals of power metal.

It is our goal to be a road map of metal for you. We will provide our honest reviews of bands, songs and albums, in hopes that we may turn you on to something you hadn't heard before. From the classics to the rising stars, the good to the bad.

This is metal.

Want us to review your band? Let us know.