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Metal newbie 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Thrash, Death, trad. Heavy 

I usually review albums I like, hence all the high marks you'll see on my review tab. It's not that I give high marks to everything, it's just that I review stuff I like.

My personal view on scores:

95-100% : Absolute masterpiece, what are you waiting for? BUY THIS ALBUM!!!
90-94% : Awesome album, a must have for any fan of the genre it belongs to!
80-89% : Great album, definetely worth the time listening to!
70-79% : Decent album, some great moments but some weak moments too.
50-69% : Weak album, may contain a couple of good songs but not worth listening to its entierity.
25-49% : Terrible album, even the "best" songs are mediocre at best.
1-24% : Awful, flawed album, songs are barely passable and/or uncreative.

0% : An absolute disgrace to music, there is not a SINGLE great moment on it. Could also be a symbolic 0%, what that means is the album in a vacuum isn't bad, but either its legacy has ruined metal (in case of a popular release) or it is MASSIVELY overpraised, OR BOTH!

From 1% to 69%, only buy if you need to complete the band's discography, it's better to listen to individual songs.