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Sean Wright 
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Black, Thrash, NWOBHM, Doom. 

Yeah, like, skulls n shit r cool.


This is how I rate albums:

100% - 90% - Classic. Must have. Above average. Personal reccomendation and favorite.

90% - 80% - Criminally underrated. Overlooked. Under appreciated. Has maybe 1 or 2 songs I don't I haven't gone gaga over but doesn't really affect it's awsomeness. Whole album is enjoyable for the most part.

80& - 70% - Could have been better for the most part. The sound is not fully grasped. Lack on direction. Still good. A few cracks are starting to show.

70% - 60% - This is where I start scratching my head. Borderline failure. Still has some signs of trying, but struggles to nail anything that might give it a passing grade. Coming apart at the seems.

60% - 50% - Has one or two things I like. I'm left confused to why the artist didn't try harder.

50% - 40% - Laughable. This is reserved for albums that are comedic relief. The music is so bad it's funny, so at least the band provided me with a few laughs.

40% - 30% - Maybe one or two moments where it looks like they might raise the score an additional two or 3 points. This is usually given to bands who once reigned but after the years they are proven to not be interesting enough for me to even purchase the album I give this rating to.

20% - 10% - This is left for bands who are not even motivated to do anything remotely different. Not even fucking trying at this point.

10% - 1% - I have to struggle to pay attention for the most part. This induces bad tension headaches and a concentration level of a 8 year old child with ADD. This is equalivant to the music of Insane Clown Posse. In fact I would rather listen to Insane Clown Posse than this.

0% - If I give a zero rating, don't expect any mercy. The album is completely fucking worthless. 110% pure slimy, disgusting fucking pond scum. A pile of shit that's not worth scraping off the bottom of my shoe. Makes me want to punch babies. Complete and total annihilation.