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Fred Durst 
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Shadow of Death 
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Black, Thrash 

I'm Shadow0fDeath. Age 14. I usually write reviews for this site when possible. My main focus is on black metal and black metal albums along with the occasional ambient releases. I enjoy most of all Black metal along with a good deal of thrash metal. I like hearing the black metal and dark ambient bands these days, if you have any releases feel free to send them to me (CD, Tape, mp3, whichever is possible and easiest to do)

If you're in a band, send me any demos/lps/eps/splits/live releases/dvds of yours and i'll review them when i have the opportunity. I usually have a lot of spare time to write reviews.

I base all of my ratings off professional magazines as well as a typical academic grading scale.

8-10 (80-100) = Outstanding Release. A gem among the genre and necessity. Timeless classic.
6-7 (60-70) = A very good candidate of brilliance but quite flawed)
4-5 (40-50) = It has some redeeming qualities. Usually banal or overall useless bands are ranked in this catagory along with bands that lack any form of innovation or creativity
1-3(10-30) = A very poor release. What the fuck were they thinking with the release of this pile of dog shit?
0-1 (0-9) = Exercises in complete shittyness. Goes beyond even the shittiest of shit albums. No quality! There is nothing good about this release! Do not be within a mile radius with this release or your health may be at risk!

A note about how I grade. Usually I try to be more lax when it comes to reviewing demos. I know the pains of trying to record a demo and sounding good and therefore usually a demo can get away with a higher score based on the fact it was a fucking demo and the band is unlikely to have access to good enough equipment to really create the vision on the demo. This usually means that demos can rank much higher than classic albums, even ones i find good if the demo is complete crap in the quality of sound. This doesn't however mean the demo is in all terms better than the album but is compared in a different perspective due to the fact it's a demo and won't sound like the next britney spears album (in terms of sound quality, not aesthetics, in which it would be bullshit ;)) so please stop complaining to me "How the fuck can you give [shitty produced demo] twice the score as [mediocre overhyped full length effort from an established band] even though [mediocre album] sounds much better than that shit storm! You know nothing you fucking posser!!!11 PS: I like Opeth, I want Mikaels children roflmao lawllersk8!!!1"

because i gave say necrophagist a 50 and some new black metal band with one worthless demo a 70 or something. I usually rate a demo higher if the band is able to clearly execute their vision because anyone who has recorded a demo obviously knows how hard it can be to make your sound flawless.

Releases I have not in the site's database:
Mutiilation - Under the Black Sun (Bootleg)
Mutiilation - Grim Rebirth (Bootleg)
Moonblood - Supreme Black Forces of German Steel (Bootleg)
Burzum - Oud Spul (Bootleg)
Burzum - Svarte Dauen (Bootleg)
Burzum - Blast from an Ancient Past (Bootleg)
Burzum - Unreleased Demos (Bootleg)
Additional Moevot demos.
Naragul - Self-Titled Demo - Where does this band hail from?
Torgeist - Unreleased LP (Bootleg)
Abysmal Solitude - Echoes of A Lost Soul (Unreleased demo)
Abysmal Solitude - Far Beyond the Eye of the Storm (Unreleased Demo)
Abysmal Solitude - Starring Through the Solumn Eyes of Those Who Died Before You (Unreleased Demo)
Paria - Misanthropos
Vermeth - Advanced Tracks Promo 2000
Bekhira - Advanced Tracks 2001

Releases I Want Not Listed In Site's database:
Lord of Depression - Demo '94
Peste Noire - Phalènes et Pestilence
Amaka Hahina - Du Profond De Mon Ame... Des Profondeurs De La Nuit
Moonblood - Fullmoon Witchery (Bootleg)
Mutiilation - Live Shows (With good quality? The Ones I found were Shit!)
Epheles - Le dernier Pardon
Vermyapre Kommando - Crache la Mort
Certain Brenoritvrezorkre demos
Certain Moevot demos
Boreb - Mordvaèryabge Ergzvayatre
Additional LLN / Black Legions Projects demos