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Aris S. 
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ATTENTION FOR ALL MODS: I have been picked up by now, so most of my reviews will also be hosted there, even if I forget to tag them sometimes. I do NOT plagiarize. As of 2011, I no longer write for TMO.

I am a very handsome, bearded guy living and studying in Jermany. If you want to insult me on the account of you not liking me, my jokes or my reviews, please do it in the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish or Romanian.

I don't like a lot of things.

Like: death/black/thrash metal, traditional heavy metal, 60s, 70s prog/hard rock, stoner, psychedelic, drone, sludge, doom, classical music, noise, something like that

If there is something as a "best band", then for me it will forever be Pink Floyd.

Check out my band at

Rating captions:

0% - 4%: Almost impossible
5% - 14%: Completely miserable
15% - 24%: Very poor, pain to the ears
25% - 34%: Poor, not worth the effort
35% - 44%: Poor, for fans of the genre / listen to it as mp3
45% - 54%: Mediocre, can be given a chance
55% - 64%: Listenable, but flawed
65% - 74%: Listenable, has its moments
75% - 84%: Good, check it out.
85% - 94%: Great, worth the time and money
95% - 100%: A delicacy for the "soul".

Status 22.05.2009:
Currently 42 reviews
Expected value = 69.38%
Variance = 811,81%²
Standard deviation = 28,49%

Status 7.03.2010
Currently 94 reviews
Expected value = 69.62%
Variance = 777.06%²
Standard deviation = 27.88%