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Seducerofsouls85's profile

United Kingdom 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Most of them I suppose. 

Enjoys listening to all types of metal, I like variation, although my first love will always be thrash. First got into metal when discovering Venom's "Black metal" and Iron Maiden's "Killers" on the same day, whilst flicking through my brother's collection. Been hooked ever since. My first gig was Ozzy Osbourne, well it was my first metal gig any way.

I also like drinking beer with my few true metal friends. I am open minded enough to enjoy good old rock and roll, and some psychedilic 60's/70's bands that aren't considered metal, but certainly paved the way. I don't really write reviews for a living, I have nothing against doing it for free online, but people who get paid to do it are usually failed musicians, who criticise those who are living their dreams. I also wanna thank all the metal minded folk, who hang on to obscure vinyl releases. You keep the old underground of yesteryear alive!

This is my rating system:

100% : Flawless, a masterpiece, something to lock in the vault during the apocalypse to demonstrate what metal is about. "Master of puppets" or "British Steel" or "Leprosy" those kind of undeniable albums which only impossible perfectionists would rate lower.

99-90% : Just off the mark of being perfect, however holds a lot of great material and can still demonstrate how much the genre has to offer. E.g "Hell awaits", "Piece of mind", "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas".

80% : Not quite up to par with the true greats, but still above average or the dull. These albums will still be in most folks metal collection.

70%: Becoming slightly less inspiring, but worthy of your attention and not quite in the realms of generic.

60 %: Starting to go from a downward from here on. Lacks originality, with the odd bit of flare every few minutes or so.

50%: Things are starting to get bad. Quite literally half baked. However it might hold some relevance to be considered a wildcard, but goes over most people's heads.

40% : It's starting to stink, because we're getting closer to the gutter. Very generic, rather inoriginal, maybe if you condensed it you would get five or ten minutes of good material...not good.

30%: Waste of money, the good parts have less character than a statue.

20% : You're knee high in shit now. Any former glories the band once had, will be dearly noted like Chevy Chase's career.

10% : Okay if you've bought anything this shit, I bet you instantly considered a refund right?

0% : The musical equivilant of a baren dry desert, a mirage may occur during the punishment. Not for those of a nervous disposition as this may induce anxiety or depression. The proof that this is a very disturbing universe indeed...