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Metal newbie 
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Sean Simmons 
United States 
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Whats up, thanks for reading this.Infinifixion is unfortunetly no more simply because we cant get along anymore and neither one of us want to work with or for the other since the distance between us is so far.Florida,Georgia(me) and New York.To those of you who ever contacted me for a demo or interview thanks again m/ o o m/ I hope to hear from you again in the future.Currently i am in the studio with an entirely new band of musicians that i have been rehearsing and writing with for the past 3 years.The songs are more of a traditional style i.e. old metallica,overkill,ozzy,sabbath,sanctuary,attacker and so on.While i was in INFINIFIXION i was listening to stuff like those bands mentioned along with my daily dose of death and black metal.I still respect the death and black scene and bands but decided it was better for me as a musician to " go back to my roots ".I assure you that you will not be dissapointed in my new endeavor!!!! The bands name is SEVORA and is absolutely the best body of work i have ever done within the working confines of a band.(not to toot my own horn but this recording and the songs simply annihilate the infinifixion stuff by leaps and bounds and a bag of chips.hehe)So to cut this self promoting tirade in the bud i bid you a fond tadoo and you will be hearing from me again with a new release with fantastic artwork as well... till then