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Metal freak 
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United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Black, Doom, Death, Folk 

Rating System:

100% - Albums of this sort transcend space, time, genres and sound. This album will never be made. If an album does receive a 100% it is rounded up from ~99.5%. The theoretical 100% album is both timeless and perfect.

96-99% A Masterpiece among Metal. Gives you orgasmic sensations. Albums that fall into this range are required for all Metalheads no matter the preferance. You should more than probably own this.

91-95%: A classic. Exceptionally highly recommended, if not required. Even if you are not a fan of this genre, you will most likely enjoy this album. Will be played many times and for many years.

86-90%: Highly recommended. If you are a fan of this genre you need this album. Recommended for others as well.

81-85%: A commendable release and a good addition to your collection. A solid album. Recommended.

76-80% - A worthy listen. Have a decent amount of enjoyable songs and is ultimately worth a spin, especially if you're a fan of the genre.

71-75%: Has several appealing qualities to it, overall lacks momentum to truly shine, but a decent addition to most collections.

61-70%: Moderate. It probably won't be played more than the initial few times, but if you find it cheap and are a fan of the genre, give it a try.

51-60%: A mediocre album, if you're a fan of the band you can pick it up to finish or complete their discography, but ultimately it'll just take up room on your shelf.

41-50%: Download it if you have memory to waste, otherwise don't bother with it.

31-40%: Lackluster to say the least. It might have one good song, but overall it's about as enjoyable as getting hit in the balls, leaves a tingly feeling but hurts too much to appreciate it.

21-30%: The sister of the herpes queen, not as terrible, but you'd be better off without it.

11-20%: A disease ridden whore of an album, avoid it as you would the herpes queen of your town.

0-10%: Atrocious, abysmal and vile. This album is so bad it's offensive. A crime against Metal and music alike.

Total albums reviewed: 48
Review average: 74%
100% - 0
96-99% - 2
91-95% - 6
86-90% - 9
81-85% - 9
76-80% - 3
71-75% - 6
61-70% - 6
51-60% - 1
41-50% - 1
31-40% - 1
21-30% - 0
11-20% - 2
0-10% - 2