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Jerry Yeager 
United States 
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Black Metal 

Here is how I handle my review scores for albums, for those interested!

90-100% Albums in this category are considered classics. These albums will be listenable for years to come, without skipping songs. Generally, albums in this score range will have multiple catchy, memorable songs and the albums will have no flaws or maybe a very minor flaw or two that does not detract from the overall experience.

80-89% Albums in this category are considered excellent and will have multiple well-written, memorable songs. There may be parts of the album that are dull or repetitive or maybe the album has a flaw or two, but, generally, these are albums worth visiting for years to come.

70-79% Albums in this category are good albums that have a couple excellent "hits" or, overall, solid albums that are very consistent, but perhaps lacking in the catchiness of the excellent or classic category. These albums are worth your time, but may be quirky, niche, or the realm of fan-boys for repeat listens - especially in the long-term.

60-69% Albums in this category are decent albums. This albums may have 1 or 2 memorable, well-written songs, and a lot of filler material. Albums of this score do not get repeat plays for me over the years, but I will probably go back and listen to the "hits" from these albums. Overall, these albums are lacking as complete works.

50-59% These albums are run-of-the-mill listening experiences. These albums may have 1 memorable song that is flawed in some way, or, perhaps, it appeals to a niche audience in metal. More than likely, these are boring albums that just don't stick with me. I won't go back and listen to these albums.

30-49% These are below average, rubbish albums. Depending on the score, the album may have potential, but multiple flaws are holding it back, whether it is the song-writing, mix, performance, or all of the above. Albums with a score like this will sit on the shelf after 1 listen, generally.

<30% These albums piss me off in some way. To get a score this low, the band has to have done something really shitty, either personally directly to me, to the metal community as a whole, or to both. Albums in this score range are reserved only for the worst of the worst. Generally, an album in this score range is likely to be kindling for a fire pit as opposed to sitting on my shelf.