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Putrid_Abomination's profile

Metal freak 
Full name:
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Black, Death, Sludge, Thrash 

If anyone is selling music collections (cassette, CD, vinyl, etc) and/or band merch, even games, movies, horror, zines, comics, books, anime, manga, weird shit idfk, etc I'm open to buying them if them in the future. Keep me in mind it you do. I'm working on setting up something sometime this year or next. Contact info will be provided when I'm ready.

My to-do list is essentially on hold because I have a job and I rather be buying merch instead of listening to a never ending onslaught of bands I guess. So uh yeah I'll get around to it, I still keep track of some things: namely Nola music, Gwar, some OSDM and thrash, and sludge.

Checking out Southern metal bands, half done! (then speed metal)
Soon I will resume checking out countries with less than 700 bands, 56 left.
⠀⠀⠀I am an avid listener of metal, progressive rock, and jazz fusion. I follow my favorite bands and labels on Bandcamp and YouTube. Andrés Segovia is my favorite classical guitarist. Buckethead, Frank Zappa, Guthrie Govan, Jason Becker, Les Claypool, and Steve Vai are life. I choose not to add digital purchases from Bandcamp to my collection on here because it has no real value, i.e. "Name Your Price" & it's not physical. The lists below are mostly for my own reference.

Disclaimer: While I do not support or endorse the beliefs or actions of bands with far right or left and racist ideologies (be it NSBM, RAC, RABM, Nazi-Punk/Hatecore, etc), I still edit data on some bands as I see fit. I do however support the right of free speech in all forms and peoples right to express it in all forms. If I like a band's music, regardless of it's themes or controversial actions of its members (to a reasonable extent), I will buy it. If I got something cheap or as a freebie and I was unaware of it being of that variety, it's not like I'm going to sell it or remove it from my collection; unless I listen to it again and think it is complete garbage. If you disagree, more power to you but what music others own or listen to should not concern you.
◈ Discord: Putrid#4369
► (WIP)
Metal that I like: (plus most combinations of these)
○ Avant-garde/Experimental, Black, Celtic, Crossover, Death, Deathgrind, Doom, Drone, Folk, Funk, Glam/Hair, Goregrind, Gothic, Grindcore, Groove, Heavy, Industrial, Neoclassical/Shred, Pagan, Pornogrind, Post-Metal, Power, Progressive, Sludge, Southern, Speed, Stoner, Symphonic, Thrash, & Viking.

Rock that I like:
○ Acid, Alternative, AOR, Avant-Garde, Berlin-School/Krautrock, Blues-rock, Celtic, Chicano, Classic, Country-rock, Desert/Stoner, Experimental, Folk, Funk, Gothic, Grunge, Hard Rock, Industrial, Jazz-rock/fusion, Latin, Occult, Post-Rock, Progressive, Psychedelic, Rock 'n' Roll, Rockabilly, Soft, Southern, Space, Surf, Swamp &
○ Punk Rock
⠀○ Anarcho, Cowpunk, Crust, Deathrock, Garage, Oi, Powerviolence,
⠀⠀ Punk-jazz. Ska, Skate, Street, Proto-Punk, Psychobilly, Hardcore,
⠀⠀ & Horror.

Other music that I like:
○ Blues
⠀○ Boogie-woogie, Doo-wop, R&B (early), Country-blues, Dirty, Electric,
⠀⠀ Jazz-blues, Jug Band, Jump, Soul/Gospel Blues, Swamp; Chicago,
⠀⠀ Delta, East Coast, Louisiana, Memphis, NOLA, Piedmont, Texas, etc.
○ Classical
⠀○ Avant-garde, Classical Guitar, etc; Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque,
⠀⠀ Galant, Classical, Romantic, Modern, Contemporary, etc.
○ Country
⠀○ Bluegrass, Country-rock, Heartland, Hokum, Honky-Tonk, Outlaw,
⠀⠀ Rockabilly, Southern Rock, Swamp Pop, Trucker, Western Swing, etc.
○ Jazz
⠀○ Acid, Afro-Cuban, Avant-garde, Bebop, Hard Bop, Post Bop, Big Band,
⠀⠀ Chamber, Cool, Dark, Dixieland, Free, Gypsy, Jazz-funk, Jazz-fusion,
⠀⠀ Latin, Orchestral, M-Base, Modal, Ragtime, Smooth, Soul-jazz,
⠀⠀ Space-Age, Swing, Vocal, & West Coast.
○ Misc.
⠀○ Acoustic, Ambient, Dark Ambient, Dungeon Synth, Folk, Muzak,
⠀⠀ Outsider; Bossa Nova, Samba; Cajun, Creole, Bayou Funk, Zydeco;
⠀⠀ Funk, Reggae, Soul; Flamenco, Mariachi, Salsa; Polka, Yodeling.
⠀○ Movie, Television, & Video Game Scores/Soundtracks.
⠀○ Noise, Noisecore, Gorenoise, etc. (meh)
Bands I added but were later deleted that aren't on the site yet:
○ Almanacra
○ Arywn Helul (Spain)
○ Psychomantia (Gibraltar)