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Putrid_Abomination's profile

Metal freak 
Full name:
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Black, Death, Sludge, Thrash 

Checking out countries with less than 700 bands, 56 left, then speed metal.
Busy with college but I will resume in a few months.
⠀⠀⠀I am an avid listener of metal, progressive rock, and jazz fusion. I follow my favorite bands and labels on Bandcamp and YouTube. Andrés Segovia is my favorite classical guitarist. Buckethead, Frank Zappa, Guthrie Govan, Jason Becker, Les Claypool, and Steve Vai are life. I choose not to add digital purchases from Bandcamp to my collection on here because it has no real value, i.e. "Name Your Price" & it's not physical. The lists below are mostly for my own reference.
◈ Discord: Putrid#4369
► (WIP)
Metal that I like: (plus most combinations of these)
○ Avant-Garde, Black, Celtic, Crossover, Death, Deathgrind, Doom, Drone, Experimental, Folk, Funk, Glam/Hair, Goregrind, Gothic, Grindcore, Groove, Heavy, Industrial, Neoclassical/Shred, Pagan, Pornogrind, Post-Metal, Power, Progressive, Sludge, Southern, Speed, Stoner, Symphonic, Thrash, & Viking.

Rock that I like:
○ Acid, Alternative, AOR, Avant-Garde, Berlin-School/Krautrock, Blues-rock, Celtic, Chicano, Classic, Country-rock, Desert/Stoner, Experimental, Folk, Gothic, Grunge, Hard Rock, Industrial, Jazz-rock/fusion, Latin, Occult, Post-Rock, Progressive, Psychedelic, Rock 'n' Roll, Rockabilly, Soft, Southern, Space, Surf, Swamp &
○ Punk Rock
⠀○ Anarcho, Cowpunk, Crust, Deathrock, Garage, Oi, Powerviolence,
⠀⠀ Punk-jazz. Ska, Skate, Street, Proto-Punk, Psychobilly, Hardcore,
⠀⠀ & Horror.

Other music that I like:
○ Blues
⠀○ Boogie-woogie, Doo-wop, R&B (early), Country-blues, Dirty, Electric,
⠀⠀ Jazz-blues, Jug Band, Jump, Soul/Gospel Blues, Swamp; Chicago,
⠀⠀ Delta, East Coast, Louisiana, Memphis, NOLA, Piedmont, Texas, etc.
○ Classical
⠀○ Avant-garde, Classical Guitar, etc; Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque,
⠀⠀ Galant, Classical, Romantic, Modern, Contemporary, etc.
○ Country
⠀○ Bluegrass, Country-rock, Heartland, Hokum, Honky-Tonk, Outlaw,
⠀⠀ Rockabilly, Southern Rock, Swamp Pop, Trucker, Western Swing, etc.
○ Jazz
⠀○ Acid, Afro-Cuban, Avant-garde, Bebop, Hard Bop, Post Bop, Big Band,
⠀⠀ Chamber, Cool, Dark, Dixieland, Free, Gypsy, Jazz-funk, Jazz-fusion,
⠀⠀ Latin, Orchestral, M-Base, Modal, Ragtime, Smooth, Soul-jazz,
⠀⠀ Space-Age, Swing, Vocal, & West Coast.
○ Misc.
⠀○ Acoustic, Ambient, Dark Ambient, Folk, Muzak, Outsider;
⠀⠀ Bossa Nova, Samba; Cajun, Creole, Bayou Funk, Zydeco;
⠀⠀ Funk, Reggae, Soul; Flamenco, Mariachi, Salsa; Polka, Yodeling.
⠀○ Movie, Television, & Video Game Scores/Soundtracks.
⠀○ Noise, Noisecore, Gorenoise, etc. (meh)
Bands I added but were later deleted that aren't on the site yet:
○ Arywn Helul (Spain)
○ Psychomantia (Gibraltar)