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PurpleRust86's profile

Metal newbie 
Full name:
Noah Lastname 
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Thrash, Heavy, Prog, Stoner 

21 y/o
First band I fell in love with was Rush when I was about 10. My dad plopped in his Hemispheres cassette into the radio of his 1999 Toyota Camry and La Villa blew my mind for the first time. Guitarhero and Rockband videogames gave me my next exposure to songs. Raining Blood and One from GH3 showed me what thrash metal was without me realizing it. Within rockband 2, there was a song called Peace Sells with this crazy artwork. I decided to look up some Megadeth songs on youtube. They had another album, with an even crazier album cover but this one was blue. I clicked on the first song and the intro to Holy Wars shook the room. My mind was blown for the second time.
I've since been gradually growing my appreciation for metal, specifically thrash. It's taken up until about 2018 to really dive into the more obscure and heavier stuff as I have grown to appreciate metal vocals more. To me, that was the biggest obstacle. Very recently I have experienced a whole new appreciation for thrash as I've dove headfirst into as much of it as I can. Bands like Morbid Saint, Coroner, Blood Feast, Devastation, etc. have been recent discovers and I hope to continue to learn and head-bang.

Some of my favorite thrash albums

Peace Sell... But Who's Buying (big surprise)
Rust in Peace
Ride The Lightning
Master of Puppets
South of Heaven
Reign in Blood
Spreading the Disease
Among the Living
The Ultra-Violence
Darkness Descends
Alice in Hell
The New Order
Persecution Mania
Game Over
Years of Decay
Punishment for Decadence
Beneath the Remains
Terror and Submission
Kill for Pleasure
Mayhemic Destruction
Brutal Destruction

Im also a fan of heavy metal in the likes of Judas Priest, Black sabbath, Iron Maiden, and so on with sabbath's Masters of Reality as one of my all-time favorites.

Prog Metal itches my back with Dream Theater being a standout to me.

Groove metal bands Pantera and Lamb of God kick ass

Stoner Metal picks include Mastodon and Kyuss

Death Metal is a work in progress. So far Diecide and Obituary are my favorites and the little amount of Death (band) I've listened to I have liked.

I love me some grunge as well. Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots. My all-time favorite album is STP's Purple. My favorite band is still Rush

Other than that I listen to just about anything that isn't new country or modern pop. Classic rock, 80's pop, selective about my hip-hop and rap, disco, even some electro in the likes of Daft Punk. Music is art and I love hearing the many ways it's expressed. Thrash metal takes top spot though with classic rock and grunge trailing not too far.

Musical experience came from band class in primary school. I was the drumset player for my school and was involved in jazz band as well as pep rallies and sports games. I might talk about drums more than other instruments in my reviews and that's just because I'm more familiar with them than others. I learned guitar when I was young but never practiced and I've mostly forgot how to play anything.

That's all I have