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Mallcore kid 
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DSBM, Black, Symphonic, Death 

Hi, I'm Emmanuel, I'm French and I like all music that moves and with great melody and strength.
I'm president and manager of a cultural association (Law 1901) named PHOENIX MANAGEMENT that manages a little independent music label named PHOENIX MUSIC and also a new festival of Dark Electro EBM, Metal, Gothic Rock, Future pop, named PHOENIX MUSIC FEST.

Concerning my music label, there are so far 12 bands and artists of different genres, among them 3 Metal bands (RAVENSK√úL, DISCHORD and BEYOND ETERNAL) registered in the ENCYCLOPAEDIA METALLUM library. My music label website is

Concerning my new festival, it will happen in May 18th, 2019 in France in the region of Auvergne volcanoes at the Festival and Concert Hall of Giat in the small city of GIAT (postal code : 63620).
There are 6 bands in the line-up and 3 great international bands (V2A, SEELENNACHT and LARVA) are headlines. Besides them 2 Progressive Death and Doom Metal bands (MANTRA and MAGEC) registered in the ENCYCLOPAEDIA METALLUM library are also in the line-up. SWAN DEATH, confimed Gothic Rock band will play also. The official website of the festival is The event page is
The ticketing page is

I'm very pleased to be on the ENCYCLOPAEDIA METALLUM and thanks a lot to Andy GONZALEZ.