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Pessipath's profile

Metal newbie 
Full name:
Fedge Gondola 
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Death metal, metalcore 

Just a manic weeb bozo who likes obscure brutal death metal/goregrind records and will defend 90s metalcore with my life.
Don't really know what to say so here are some opinions and (unpopular) facts.

Fuck Dream Theater and trad doom except for Cathedral and Saint Vitus.
Melodic metalcore is better than melodic death metal. (Yes I've listened to pretty much every melodeath band you could recommend to change my mind like Intestine Baalism or that one At The Gates album that everyone says is better than Slaughter of the Soul to be contrarian)
Deathcore mostly sucks but it's objectively metal.
90% of this site doesn't understand what hardcore is.
(It's a punk subgenre you dolts literally every source will tell you this, stop tagging deathcore and slam bands with that).
How long is this site going to pretend Hatebreed, Dir En Grey and TOOL aren't metal bands.
Cheesy flowery symphonic power metal is super fun.
Disliking the swedish death metal guitar tone is the equivalent of having a single digit IQ.
Animosity is under "Death Metal/Metalcore/Grindcore", it's funny how hard this site tries to evade using deathcore.

If you like Converge, we're best friends.