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I write a great deal of reviews and review-like content on my blog, but due to the fact that many of the albums I discuss are already heavily reviewed on MA, you will see few of them here. In recent years I have come to dislike assigning number ratings to things as subjective as music, but I used to use this rating system:

100 - Absolute perfection for all, as to be expected
90-99 - An essential release for everyone who can get their hands on it, nearly absolute perfection for fans of the genre.
80-89 - Definitely worth obtaining, not entirely necessary. Essential for fans of the genre.
70-79 - Possibly a good purchase, perhaps a mediocre album that has one shining aspect. Definitely worth obtaining for genre/band fans, though.
60-69 - Wouldn't diminish your collection''s worth, but there are better options. Probably the best an overt consumer''s potboiler will get.
50-59 - Mediocre, skip over unless cheap or collecting.
40-49 - Disappointing, consider ignoring.
30-39 - In the words of almighty Zoidberg, "Your music's bad and you should feel bad!". This is the average radio-ready album, pop song, etc, and about the limit of what I can tolerate or ignore.
20-29 - Terrible, and annoying because of it. Avoid at all costs.
01-19 - Run away. Destroy in view of the listener. At lower ratings, destroy the artist.
0 - Absolute failure. Anything lower is "Animal Minds" by Ke$ha.