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Pathological_Frolic's profile

Full name:
Christopher White 
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Trad doom, brutal death 

My thoughts and practices on scoring are as follows:

100-95: Perfect, or as close as it gets to it. Every song or the album as a whole has a power all it's own and I myself will have listened to it constantly at one point or another
94-90: Great. Not quite at the level of magnificence of the former category, but something extremely worthwhile with lasting value.
89-80: It's good. I think it's solid as a whole, but I'll probably just actively listen to about four or five songs off the LP on my mp3.
88: The mandatory scoring I give to any good NS bands.
79-60: Mundane or derivative. Not horrendous, but alarmingly inoffensive or bland in delivery. If you're not a fan of the particular style, then just ignore, and even if you are, take some caution.
59-30: Boring/annoying/worthless album to varying degrees depending on how low the number is. I most likely deleted/sold this after I reviewed it.
29-0: Something about this work offends me on a personal level. If you see this album in a store (Or anywhere), break it.