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Panda96's profile

Full name:
Xicuco Tetsontli 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Thrash Metal 

Veteran since 12/31/2021.

I love fuckin' thrash metal.

For my cds wanted list to trade (only in Mexico): [email protected]

''wojty666'' FUCK OFF!

- My CD collection started in 2020 with:
. Gama Bomb - The Terror Tapes - 2013, CD, Metal Ways Records (Mexico).

. Voltax - Voltax: 10th Anniversary Edition - 2017, CD, Blower Records (CD Cardboard, Gatefold).

. Stratovarius - Eagleheart - 2002, CD, Nuclear Blast (Limited edition, Shaped disc), this CD is from my girlfriend, signed by Timo.

. Blind Guardian - A Night At The Opera - 2002, CD, Century Media Records, this CD is from my girlfriend.

- My Cassette collection started in 2022 with:
. StarForce - The Universe Is Mine (EP) - 2022, Evil Nöise Records (Mexico).

. Mercürio - Instinto callejero - 2022, Abölition Productions (Mexico).

. Siege - Full Speed Metal (EP) - 2022, Abölition Productions (Mexico).

- Additional collection -
. The Greatness Design - Pillars of Creation (2013) (Independent) [Technical Progressive Metal] |MX|

. Naturaleza Muerta - Crónicas de alcohol y depresión (2019) (Independent) [Depressive/Post Black Metal] |MX|

. Distorsión Alcohólica - Chiquero del Poder (2016) (Independent) [Hardcore Punk] |MX|

. Gigantour (Split video) - Megadeth, Dream Theater, Fear Factory, Nevermore, Life of Agony, Symphony X, Dry to Kill & Bobaflex (2005)

. Darkthrone - Live from the Past (2066) (Cult Ov Evil Gods) (Unofficial Release) |UK| - This CD is from my girlfriend

- My favorite mexican metal bands: Vulgar Addiction, Profanator (Antimo's band), The Greatness Design, Necrópolis, Through Torment, Raped God 666, Agggressor, Yaotl Mictlan, Voltax, Muluc Pax, Skincrusher, Megaton, StarForce, 400, Juicio del Ojo Tirano and... obviously the bands I play drums.

I hate all the shity music called "goregrind, pornogore, pornogrid, noise, slamming" and similar genres, those are fucking shits ... Except for some grindcore bands.