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PaganFolker616's profile

Metal demon 
Full name:
Favourite metal genre(s):
Pagan/Folk/Viking Metal 

I'm a metal maniac, I love all metal subgenres! I listen to all of them, principally to the prime ones (so to speak), that's traditional heavy, doom, power, thrash, black and death metal, but definitely folk metal has a special place to me, principally bands who play the folk/Viking metal style. I don't know, I'm obsessed with that epic atmosphere and the sea shanty/polka influenced riffs or something. I also don't care if the bands are underground or mainstream, there are good and bad things in both sides.

Despite my enthusiasm to listen to any kind of metal I have a specific definition of what metal is and I don't accept whichever grind/excesive breakdown-whathevercore band as metal. I don't hate all 'core, I'm just very selective with it. ALTHOUGH a very ironic and funny thing is that in the time I have been in Metal Archives I realized that my definition of metal isn't that strict as a used to think!... Various stoner, groove, atmospheric black, brutal death, slam, metalcore, deathcore and grindcore bands I submitted were rejected 🤔

I like add bands to Metal Archives just for fun and contribution to both the site and the bands. My submitted ones are random discoveries that I like to add if they haven't been added yet. Other thing I'm also very dedicated to is fix up typos of Hispanic bands, add missed album versions and sometimes update logos.

- Joined to MA in 2017 only for voting in the "similar artists" thing and started to be an active contributor at some point between March and April 2019.
- Metal demon since February 09, 2020.

Some favorite bands: Judas Priest, Motörhead, Angel Witch, Helloween, Stratovarius, Altar of Oblivion, Sodom, Warbringer, Death, early Sepultura, Morbid Angel, Venom, Dark Funeral, Bathory, Falkenbach, Windir, Ensiferum, early Equilibrium, and a very big et cetera.

"I need metal in my life just like an eagle needs to fly!"

P.S. Adding bands for certain digital music stores shouldn't be a competition, wtf with some users who take it as it were... Please don't do that, do it for the contribution, not for the glory of "I have added X amount of bands" or "I have added X band first than anyone". What's the point of that? 🤨 If you think that makes you cooler, it doesn't, that actually gives cringe.