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PaganFolker616's profile

Metal demon 
Full name:
Favourite metal genre(s):
Pagan/Folk/Viking Metal 

I'm a metal maniac, I love all metal subgenres! I listen to all of them, principally to the prime ones (so to speak), that's heavy, doom, power, thrash, black and death metal, but definitely folk metal has a special place to me, principally bands that play the folk/Viking metal style. I also don't care if the bands are underground or mainstream, there are good and bad things in both sides.

Despite my open mind to listen to any kind of metal I have a specific definition of what metal is and I don't accept whichever grind/excesive breakdown-whathevercore band as metal. I don't hate all 'core, I'm just very selective with it. (An ironic and funny thing is that in the time I have been in Metal Archives I realized that my definition of metal isn't as strict as a used to think, lol... A few stoner, atmospheric black, metalcore, deathcore and grindcore bands I submitted were rejected 🤔).

I like add bands to Metal Archives just for fun and contribution to both the site and the bands, my submitted ones are random discoveries that I like to add if they haven't been added yet. Other thing I'm also very dedicated to is fix up typos of Hispanic bands, add missed album versions and update logos.

- Joined to MA in 2017 only for voting in the "similar artists" thing and started to be an active contributor at some point between March and April 2019.
- Metal demon since February 09, 2020.

Some favorite bands: Sodom, Angel Witch, Stratovarius, Bathory, Judas Priest, early Sepultura, Morbid Angel, Dark Funeral, Kalmah, Altar of Oblivion, Falkenbach, Ensiferum, Skálmöld, and a very big et cetera.

"I need metal in my life just like an eagle needs to fly!"