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PaganFolker616's profile

Metal freak 
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Folk Metal 

I'm a metal maniac, I love all metal subgenres! I don't care if it's heavy, doom, power, thrash, black, death, gothic, progressive, etc, the only thing that matters to me is the music well executed regardless of what genre or subgenre it's. Neither I care if the bands are underground or mainstream, there are good and bad things in both.

I listen to all metal subgenres, but folk metal is my principal taste, principally bands that play the folk/Viking metal style, also traditional heavy metal, doom metal and basically all the subgenres that evolved from speed metal (power, thrash), as well as extreme metal (black, death).

Despite my open mind to listen to any kind of metal I have a specific definition of what metal is and I don't accept wichever grind/excesive-breakdowncore band as metal. I don't hate all 'core, I'm just very selective with it. The same case with other modern genres such as nu-metal, djent, etc.

I like add bands to the Metal Archives just for fun and contribution. I don't listen to most of the bands I add, my submitted ones are random discoveries from different websites (social media, blogs, YouTube channels, etc) that I like to add if they haven't been added yet. I mean, obviously I have to listen to them before submit to verify if they are metal! I'm referring to I'm not a fan of most of them. Other thing I'm also very dedicated to is fix up typos of Hispanic bands.

"I need metal in my life just like an eagle needs to fly!"