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Nov 2022: Going back to only updating label-related stuff. Not doing anything else on MA for the foreseeable future except maybe Similar Artists. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Rest in peace all of our brethren who have died of COVID-19. I hope and pray your deaths won't be in vain. IF YOU'RE READING THIS -- GET FUCKING VACCINATED!!! Matthew 4:5-7 YOU ARE NOT IMMUNE.

True, dark, underground Christian label.
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Before you complain about how hard it supposedly is to find "good" unblack metal ........ Bellor, Dying Blaze, Reverorum ib Malacht, Divine Symphony, Eternal Emperor, Orationem, Wintersoul, Ascending King, IHS, Grave Declaration, Hawthorn (Brazil), Ohen, Vials of Wrath, Epta Astera, Hesychast, VIXIVI


1. Subjective reality cannot exist outside of an objective reality. There must be some base on which the subjective can sit, and this is "reality".

2. Objective reality includes historical and current accounts of known and well-respected scientific laws being disproven.

3. Constant correction is not a sign of validation.


4. Objective reality cannot be based on preconceived notions or rely entirely on senses handled by the flawed human mind.

5. Impossibility on the physical plane is a preconceived notion.

6. Physical laws do not exist outside of the physical universe.

7. The physical universe has boundaries.


8. Physical matter is made up of the same core building blocks, and worldly concepts with assigned definitions are all subjective.

9. These are the two main concepts behind the assigning of polytheistic deities. They are all the same thing, and therefore polytheism cannot exist.

10. A moral principle must be able to be applied in every possible situation and yield a good outcome to be valid. Satanism teaches action based on subjective personal determination; God teaches action based on objective uprightness.

"If any of you think you are wise by the standards of this age, you should become ''fools'' so that you may become wise." 1 Corinthians 3:18b


In the past I had a section here of Christian music to listen to. Many of the links have gone down, and I want to create a new list anyway. This section will be updated again eventually.

--- LEAVING SATANIC METAL --- from a black metal perspective
Steps to separate permanently from dark forces.
*** Some of you may be able to skip straight to #7!
Achieve each of these steps as you feel you're ready. [Note: This is a spiritual journey. These may take mere hours, to several months to achieve, depending on your dedication. Keep prayer in mind throughout.]

Go listen to "Alpenland II" and "Hornstoß Westfalen" by Horn. Right now.
Also try Vinterriket, Forgotten Land (USA), The Frost, Trolltjern, Nordheim (Italy), Appalachian Winter, Streben, etc.

2. Don't settle for less than the best *within* the scene.
Don't just listen to Mayhem or Burzum. Listen to bands that build on the sound. Listen to bands that experiment. Try epic dark music, like Limbonic Art; Obsidian Gate; Sirius; Odium; Nocturnal Eclipse; Diabolical Masquerade; etc.
And don't be afraid to look at non-"dark" bands in the style, too, like Epic of Empyrea, Azathoth (USA), Menhir (Deu) ...

3. Listen to more of the alternative styles.
A lot of underground, "dark" bands blend genres, like playing ambient, industrial, or folk interludes. Listen to them. Seek them out. Twilight Falls have beautiful ambient, Undiscovered Moons of Saturn's first album (and first album only) is amazing, Forgotten Land (USA) again; Paysage d'hiver's "Einsamkeit"; Stribog seem to have a good grasp on folk, etc.

5. Discover gothic/doom and doom/death.
Substance For God, Arcane Sun, Living Sorrow, Silence of Tranquility, Sleepless Swans, Nightrealm. Enough said.

6. Expand even more.
Listen to Antarhes, Frostwyrm (, Astral Luminous, Aurora Borealis (USA), and How Like A Winter. It works; trust me.

7. Learn to discern.
There are bands whose music yields positivity, nothing at all, and negativity. Bands from before like Odium will sound more pained than good, Limbonic Art will sound more dark and "wrong" than epic, etc. Bands like that are full of negativity, and it becomes more obvious the less you listen to it. It's time to find some that are positive.

8. Finding them.
Ideology is (almost) everything. Always avoid Satanic music and anything occult. For the most positive feelings (not to mention message), try bands like Elgibbor, Divine Symphony, O Majestic Winter, Winter's Dawn, etc. Also look at some of my favorite YouTube links, up past the top of this list.

9. Finding what suits you
There is an entire world outside of the Satanic scene. See my YouTube links above for some of my favorites. You could try other genres outside of metal like rock (Falling Up, Thousand Foot Krutch), or industrial (Kirche Gothika, Audio Paradox, Final Vortex, Blackhouse, Mental Destruction)...
Or stay in this scene! Try:
--- Heavy metal (Santuario, Cold Embrace (India), Emerald)
--- Death metal (Becoming the Archetype, Crimson Thorn, Disencumbrance, Obliteration, Broken Flesh), etc...
--- Or maybe you like the "dark" sound, without the "dark" essence? Try Emperador, Nephesh, Verdelger, Primitive Church, Grave Declaration, maybe Armageddon Holocaust, Pilgrimage, Dying Blaze, etc.

10. The Remnants
Depending what kind of person you are, it may be hard to fully take this step, but stop listening to whatever evil or dark music you still like, regardless of quality. It's still mental and spiritual poison, and some groups state that listening to it can actually attract negativity into your life. I am a firsthand witness of this, and can attest that it is true. I stopped listening to a certain band, and the random bad occurrences stopped entirely. It's important to stick to your guns. Leaving evil behind is a lifestyle choice; make it so. Pray. Read the Bible. Again, there is way more out there beyond the Satanic scene, and it's time to discover some of it. God bless you according to His perfect will. In Jesus' name. Amen.


"You say you don't know Him!
You say you don't need Him!
You deny the One who died to save you.
The fires of hell await you.
Satan's army of demons want you.
They want to rip out the soul He gave you.
Fire and torment surround you.
Your world is crashing down around you.
Your spirit is dying.
Your heart is empty.
Your flesh is crying.
Your soul... Your soul...
There is only One Way.
There is only One Truth.
There is only One Hand that can save you.
Jesus Christ loves you.
Jesus Christ wants you to live.
Jesus Christ wants to save you from the fire.
Believe... Believe... Believe..."

( ~ "Your Soul" by Elgibbor )