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Octavarium64's profile

Full name:
Andrew Bennett 
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Progressive, Post, Christian 

I'm the sort of thoughtful, unusual, out-of-the-box kind of person you don't often see in metal circles - I think almost like a musician. I talk about what music is good, exactly why it's good - often to self-admitted excess - and why it matters to you.

Usually, I select which record to listen to based on the current environment, weather, the mood of the album, and my general mood at the time. For example: Shadow Gallery's "Digital Ghosts" for shadowy afternoons with a depressive edge; Orphaned Land's "Mabool", best suited to warm days; Kekal's "The Habit of Fire" for sleepy evenings with a deep philosophical and/or religious slant. (I'm Catholic, incidentally.)

While we're on the subject of bands, my current library of bands I listen to or hold interest in for further research are the already mentioned Orphaned Land, Shadow Gallery and Kekal (my top three bands overall, I think), and:

Amaseffer, Angra, Ayreon, Black Sabbath, Circus Maximus, Cynic, Darkwater, Dream Theater, Disillusion, Drottnar, Evroklidon (not too well-known), Extol, Gojira, Guilt Machine, HB, Haken, Holy Blood, Iron Maiden, Isis, Judas Priest, Kamelot, Mastodon, Megadeth, Menahem, Metallica, Miseration, Mortification, Myrath (pretty unknown band), Nightwish, Pelican, (the unusual) Pirania, Power of Omens, Pyramaze, Redemption, Riverside, Rosetta (not in archives, this was debated; I think they're plenty metal), Seventh Angel, Slechtvalk, Soul Secret, Symphony X, Theocracy, Tourniquet, and Vanden Plas.

I also once listened to several other bands before I removed them for some reason or other, and also some specific records from some bands as well are scheduled to be sold.

I have a guitar, but I don't really even play it. If you asked me to play it seriously, I'd fail. There's still the possibility I may play music, but I tend to have difficulty with the more fluid instruments. My talent seems to lie with the drum kit, even though I haven't actually used a drum set very often - I do have drumsticks, so that I simply jam along. Mike Portnoy (duh), Truls Haugen, Alex Arellano, Ted Kirkpatrick, David Husvik, and Mario Duplantier are probably my top six drummers.

Currently, I work on projects such as game graphics, widening the audience of the cult classic PC game "Chip's Challenge" (in my opinion, one of the most varied games out there), and studying the Chinese language, for what I hope may be a full-time career.

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