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NolanATL37's profile

Full name:
Nolan Bell 
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Power/Thrash, Speed, Heavy 

I pretty much only like traditional metal now. Sometimes I go back to extreme metal. I like Sortilege, Savatage, Hallows Eve, Ghost Story, Sinister Angel, Crimson Glory, Queensryche and many many many more. I also really like classic doom metal

Rating Scale

0-9 are special, the things described here are either just pathetic, or just pure destitution caused by profligates.

90-100 are special, the things described here are awesome and the highlights of life itself. The 100 review score can mean many different things

0. Trapped in an elevator with Rod Stewart.
1. Douglasville, Georgia.
2. "Get your ball back!"
3. The Atlanta Thrashers inaugural season
4. Patrik Stefan's career
5. Licking Liberace's piano bench.
6. Kids who told me I forgot to mention Slipknot when in the death metal conversation
7. January 31st, 2021, NJ Devils at Buffalo Sabres
8. Middle school girls liking "Friends" because it's trendy
9. Dialing 666 and getting a Pizza Hut near Fulton Industrial Boulevard
10-19. Picking up girlfriend romantically just to slam her back into a door knob.
20-29. Balding government teachers (besides Carter)
30-39. The music at Cracker Barrel.
40-49. Clayton's frat tat.
50-59. People saying my corpse paint is cool, but associating it with KISS
60-69. Vicks vapor rub on the nether region, but getting a good laugh anyway
70-74. Being late to class
75-79. West Georgia Flea market
80-84. The Pita place next to the Five Guys in Carrollton, Georgia
85-89. Knowing every girl at your school
90. Lee Dorian clapping on Midnight Mountain
91. My friend saying her favorite part of guitar class was my death metal vocals
92. Playing Lacrosse
93. Sleeping over with Brock
94. Sleeping over with Brock and all the homies
95. Eating Cheezits
96. My best friend screaming curses as he was pushed into a swimming pool
97. My friend TJ
98. My best friend, Austin AKA AustinHatesBoston official hater of Montreal also
99. My friend Noel's bible study, the best friends you could ever ask for
100. The Folsom brothers being intelligent at lacrosse practice
100. The student section at football games
100. Dropping 5 gallon water jugs from balconies on vacation in Florida
100. "If you are a false, don't entry...because you will be burned and died."