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Black Metal & Avant-Garde 

Bootlegs, compilations, zines and such:

• A Call To Arms - Issue #3 December 2004 zine
• Aborted - Live In Israel 16.10.2003[VHS bootleg]
• Adversary (Isr) - Live in Tel-Aviv (bootleg cassette)
• Ancient - Live In Israel 16.10.2003 [VHS bootleg]
• Azhubham Haani/Moonblood split tape
• Belketre - Ambre Zuetki Vuordrevartre (CD by Tragic Empire)
• Cryptopsy - The Lord Worm Files [DVD] - "Three live shows from 1992-1994 before Cryptopsy were known worldwide."
• Cryptopsy - Knoxville TN, 11/3/95/Palladium Worcester, MA 10/6/00/CBGB's NYC 10/8/00 bootleg DVD
• Explicitly Intense - Issue #16 (with compilation CD) magazine
• Explicitly Intense - Issue #17 (with compilation CD) magazine
• Explicitly Intense - Issue #19 (with compilation CD) magazine
• Moonblood/Azhubham Haani split tape
• Mortiis - Live at The Transmission Theatre, San Fransisco, CA 11/12/97 cassette bootleg
• Mütiilation - Live in Germendorf, Germany 7/7/01 bootleg DVD
• Nokturnal Mortum - Live In Moscow 1998 [VHS bootleg]
• Opeth - Milwaukee Metalfest 2000/San Jose, CA - 5/20/01 bootleg DVD
• Petrified Zine - Issue #1 zine (from 1993 when "true" black metal was first starting out, gives all major black metal band's address including Vlad Tepes interviews, Burzum interviews (just before his trial), Behemoth interviews, and rare other things from when black metal was still truly underground. This zine eventually turned into the zine for Fullmoon Productions).
• Tormmitmx - Zine Newsletter #3 zine
• Vader - Revelations In The Holy Land (Live In Israel, 4.06.2003) [VHS bootleg]
• Various Artists - The Grimm Compilation (Manatark, Luen-Ta, Casketgarden, Demolition, Obscurity, Galadriel, Leiden, Morgain, Ellipsis, Edge of Thorns, Insane, Majesty of Silence, Benighted, Exhumed Day, Destinity, Anhkrehg, Weltbrand, Shwarze Stille, and Human)
• Various Artists - A Tribute To Venom (Alchemist, Flegma, Furbowl, Pingo's Inferno, Afflicted, Shit Out of Luck, Therion, Deranged, K.O. Corral, Dead, Morpheus, Kosken Hardcore, Geronimo, Kazjurol, and Joyful Deadbeat)
• Various Artists - True Kings of Norway (Ancient, Arcturus, Dimmu Borgir, Immortal, Emperor) digipack CD
• Vlad Tepes/Belketre - March To The Black Holocaust (Tragic Empire)
• Vlad Tepes - Old Traditions Rule Keltia LP (limited to 113)
• Waldrock (Hypocrisy and Arch Enemy Live 22.06.2002) [VHS bootleg]