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Nazu's profile

Metal newbie 
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Siem Jung 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Avant-Garde, Folk & Industrial 

Hello there,

My name is Siem and I welcome you to my profile. I registered to The Metal Archives because if I ever needed information about any metal band, this was the place to visit. My favorite metal genre is most likely avant-garde, although I do not know a lot of these bands/artist, somehow every Avant-Garde song I know gives me the chills; something not every band or artist can do. My first encounter with avant-garde music was the art of the Swiss composer "Vladimir Cochet", his music has been an inspiration for me in so many ways.

My hobby is making music; I play drums, guitar and piano. Altough I am not the best of the best (obviously) I always had the enthousiasm to continue making new riffs and sounds. I recently started an avant-gard project by myself, but making complete songs is still far away. I rather practice and experiment more with sounds and wait a long time than begin right away and make a less better result than wanted.

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile and take care!

- Siem