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Napero's profile

Metal God 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Thrash, death 

Arvoisat kanssasuomalaiset! Jos korjattavaa löytyy, ottakaapa yhteyttä rekisteröitymällä ja lähettämällä messu foorumin kautta.

Review scale (I won't give a 90+ easily):
100 The Sane Asylum by Blind Illusion. Probably never to be dethroned.
90-99 Really good, will stay on my playlist for years.
70-89 Good ones. Get these.
60-69 Worth buying when encountered in a discount box.
40-59 Worth owning if already bought, not worth buying.
20-39 Do not touch, get rid of if you own these.
15-19 Very bad indeed.
14 Either a "Crisis in the Kremlin" level hangover, Daudi Baldrs by Burzum, or sticking bamboo shards under the toenails. Your choice.
0-13 I hope I'll never own these. So far, I don't. I don't have STDs, either.

I like old thrash, and consider Shovel Headed Kill Machine the best album of 2005. Also death, crossover, traditional and some other stuff, especially finnish. Possibly going for a bit of black.

I will trade stuff, but only originals on CD. Everything in the trade list is available for anything nice and thrashy, and most of the rest is negotiable, if you offer something really worth it. Good MA traders so far: Evoken, SchwarzeSonne, Karth, MalaM, Makaveli, DeathFog, necrometal, Skarpretteren, noinnocentvictim, Benoit, Mr_Owl, Nocturnal_Abyss, Skyklad, erickg13, Knjaz_Milos, Ronimuz, PhantomOTO, caspian, krall, Jacobo123. Greetings!

Napero = Toddler (in Finnish). Yep. And yes, I know I'm too humane for my own good... I'll never become a ruthless CEO.

Dedicated to the memory of the St Flagging Day, an idea that died an unjustified death before its time, without achieving what it was capable of. Rot In Pieces.