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NWOAHM666's profile

Favourite metal genre(s):
Thrash, Death, Industrial 

I am an engineering student who reviews albums when he's bored or angry - which is to say, often. I rarely, if ever, use the forums, so don't bother PMing me.

As for my story, I discovered this website during my sophomore year in high school. My username dates from that era. I was a staunch metalcore kid back then. Don't judge me for my past mistakes.

I began listening to traditional heavy metal around the age of 12 (at the time, I unfortunately also listened to mallcore). Upon entering high school I started listening to hardcore, groove metal and some death metal, and eventually I turned more to thrash metal and crossover, as well as industrial music. I still listen and keep a strong interest in hardcore, which can be perceived occasionally by my reviews.

I review mostly new albums (definition of "new" may be extended to include "3 years old" because I'm a lazy fuck), albums that haven't been reviewed yet or have few reviews, albums I physically own or have owned, and albums whose general consensus about couldn't clash more with mine.

Favourite bands:

1. Slayer
2. Integrity*
3. Napalm Death
4. Suffocation
5. Fear Factory
6. Testament
7. Cro-Mags
8. Carcass
9. Celtic Frost
10. Demolition Hammer
11. Bestial Warlust
12. The Berzerker
13. Mayhem
14. Deicide
15. Exodus
16. Morbid Angel
17. Terrorizer
18. Sacred Reich
19. Strapping Young Lad
20. Sepultura

*not featured in this site

Do not consider this list to be overly accurate, its sole purpose is to give a better insight at my favourite bands than the genre description above. There are also bands I am quite fond of but rarely listen to, for some reason, so I may very well have overlooked them.