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V.Michael Danial 
Favourite metal genre(s):
\m/ All kind of Metal \m/ 

Metalhead since the Dawn of Time... hohoho.
Jurassic period I might say.
Banging head with T-rex, Allosaurus and other dinos alike.
And that is even longer than any stupid people who created GODS, or any other poser who use stupid alias for their name in the band.
Fuck Tyranny, fuck all the people who call themselves " the leader of the Nation".
Fuck all the people who likes to give a reviews and think that they know better for the album, particulary this stupid Moron "UB" .
If you know what I mean.
You're just a poser dude, just like the other Moron from Moron mt.
You don't like it just the way it is,so you're a poser and don't call yourself a metal maniac coz' you aren't.
With all the signs of all that is good and free, Peace, Horn or whatever !!!

Ps: Big O'l Fuck to every living being, especially some moronic humanoid type that want something for free.
There ain't nothing that's free in this fucking freakish world !
So fuck U, you Dumbass Motherfucker Parasite of the World, Yeah that's U, you piece of fag shit !

Fuck Rhoma Irama, the so called King of Dankdoet, FPI, Laskar Jihad or any other religion based organizations, you hypocrite racist motherfuckers, that always uses God's name, religion and skin colors to oppressed others. may you rot in the abyss, hell, or anyplace that might give you the ultimate Torment. For Fucking Homo Faggot like you all, I prefer Judas Cradle, Fucker !!! !!! !!!