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MorbidX's profile

Metal newbie 
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Hayden Jenz 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Black, Death, Folk, Power 

I live in the fascist and utterly non-metal United States. The only things I am able to do to take my mind off the fact that I live under George W. Bush are: Playing RPGs, playing and designing videogames, heavy metal (obviously), drawing, writing, anime/manga, and spending time with my friends.

Music is really a way for me to escape all my troubles and relax. It rather surprises me that some really heavy music can calm me down in an instant. Nevertheless, music is largely what helps me get through the days (along with friends and Faith). Below are my top ten favorite bands. I try not to restrict myself on genres, explaining the wide genre differences. Most, however, are heavy metal, which is why I'm here.

1. System of a Down (Armenian metal)
2. Coheed and Cambria (progressive rock)
3. Amon Amarth (Viking death metal)
4. Korpiklaani (folk metal)
5. Blind Guardian (power metal)
6. The Decemberists (rock)
7. Kalmah (extreme power metal)
8. Týr (progressive Viking metal)
9. Groza (black metal)
10. Ensiferum (Viking metal)

So what's that? At least 8 different genres? Depending how you seperate Viking metals and power with extreme power. So yeah... I'm really not too interesting. Who's reading this, anyway? Like one person? YOU! You who's reading this! Why're you stalking me? Go away! Stop following me! I'll call the fuzz! AGH! GO AWAY!

*ninja vanishes*