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MoonPenatrator's profile

Metal newbie 
Full name:
Arne Zargarian 
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Most genres are awesome 

I like almost all genres of metal ranging from Thrash to Atmospheric Black to Folk to Heavy/Traditional to Power to MeloDeath to Stoner, and even my own guilty pleasure, Glam. You get the point. Genres I don't really like are Tech Death, Shred, Groove, and cores, but there are always exceptions, and I'm very open minded about my music.

Review Scoring Thingy:

90-100: Great Album
80-89: Good Album
70-79: Decent Album
60-69: OK Album
50 59: Bad Album with some good songs.
40-49: Really bad album.
0-39: Not considered on album and should have never been released/written. All records of this album must be destroyed.

I usually review on the extremes, the really good and the really bad. I usually won't review an album unless I like it, or if it is so bad that I have to take time out of my life to bag on it. If you want me to review your band just lemme know.

I play guitar, bass, and I can program pretty well I think, and I'm an ok clean/thrashy vocalist, but I ain't no lyricist. I'm down for session work or collabs, even if the genre isn't particularly my favorite, I'll work hard for anyone who seems to be serious about their work. If you wanna work with me, let me know through this site.