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Metzger's profile

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Full name:
Alexander Sundin 
Favourite metal genre(s):
All kind of music 

Other records I have in my collection (bands that can´t be added at,V/A,bootlegs,comps, unofficel, tributes, just stuff):

Unaccepted bands at

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - PCP Torpedo/ANBRX (Grind/Varius, Digipack, Double CD)
Axe - Offering (AOR/Metal, LP)
Axe - Nemesis (AOR/Metal, LP)
Axe - Twenty Years From Home (AOR/Metal, CD with 2 bonus tracks.)
Brigada Illuminada - Monad (Psychedelic/Rock, CD)
Fist a Ferret - Split (Grind/Death, Split 7´a)
Fromtheashes - Split with Splitter (Grind, Death, Punk, Split 7´a, Only 500 copies made)
Noctis Imperium - Descensus - Promo 2009 (Black/Death Metal, Promo CD)
Iron Bitchface - Batwings and Battle Axes(same shit different cities) (Parody/Black Metal, Live DVD)
Livstid - Split (Crust/Metal/Punk, Split vinyl 7´a, only 500 copies made)
One Life Taken - Burn Your Soul (Metal/Hardcore/Punk, CD)
Passiv Dödshjälp - S/T (Crust/Metal/Punk, CD Demo)
Passiv Dödshjälp - Split (Crust/Metal/Punk, Splt vinyl 7´a, only 500 copies made)
Passiv Dödshjälp - Häng Dom (Crust/Metal/Punk, LP, only 504 copies made)
Passiv Dödshjälp - Häng Dom (Crust/Metal/Punk, CD with one bonus song and one re-made song)
Passiv Dödshjälp - Fasader (Crust/Metal/Punk, CD Digipack)
Penile Suffocation - Demo (Grind/Death Metal, CD)
Shotgun Messiah - S/T (Glam/Heavy Metal, CD)
Shotgun Messiah - Violent New Breed (Glam/Industrial/Heavy Metal, CD)
Slaves to the Grind - Split (Grind/Death Metal, Split 7´a)
Soil - Scars (Groove/Nu/Metal, CD)
Stalaggh - (Experimental Black Metal/Noice/Drone, LP, Handnumberd in 500 copies, My number: 456)
Switchblade Massacre - I Will Strike Back (Hardcore/Death/Metal/, Demo CD)
System of a Down - S/T (Wierd/Varius/Metal, CD)
System of a Down - Toxicity (Wierd/Varius/Metal, CD)
System of a Down - Mezmerize (Wired/Varius/Metal, CD Digipack)
The Excrementory Grindfuckers - Guts, Gore & Grind ( Varius/Grind/Death, Bootleg CD)
Totalt Jävla Mörker - Det Ofrivilliga Lidandets Maskineri (Crust/Metal/Punk, LP)
Totalt Jävla Mörker - Människans Ringa Värde (Crust/Metal/Punk, LP)
Totalt Jävla Mörker - S/T (Crust/Metal/Punk, CD Slipcase)
Totalt Jävla Mörker - Söndra & Härska (Crust/Metal/Punk, CD Slipcase)
Treat - Dreamhunter (Glam/Metal, LP)
Vengeance of Karma - Skönhet? (Crust/Metal/Punk, CD)
Vengeance of Karma - Jävla Avfall (Crust/Metal/Punk, CD)

Black Sabbath - Iron man (Unofficiel Comp, CD)
Devil Lee Rot - Metal Dictator (Unofficel Promo, CD)
Halford - Rock In Rio 2001 (Live DVD, Bootleg)
Iron Maiden - Stockholm Stadion 2003 (Live Digipack Bootleg, Double CD )
Iron Maiden - Live In Gothenburg 2005 (Live DVD, Bootleg)
Lord Belial - Live at Baroeg 1997 (Live Bootleg, Tape)
Metallica - Texas ´89 (Live Bootleg Double, Red Devil Rec, CD)
Prong - Forever (Live Bootleg, CD)

V/A - Assault - Webzine Compilation ,CD.Limited in 100 handnumberd ex. My number: 77
V/A - Blackend - The Black Metal Compilation Vol2 , Double CD
V/A - Black Metal - Pestturm ,Tape.Printed in 222 handnumberd copies. My number: 48
V/A - Call From The Grave , Tape. C.F.T.G.
V/A - Eerie - Emotional Music - Prophecy Prod ,CD
V/A - Evocation des Esprits Mauvais - Vol III , with a bonus hidden track, CD
V/A - Explicttly Intense - Insanity Sampler #3 ,CD
V/A - Explicttly Intense - Insanity Sampler #4 ,CD
V/A - Explicttly Intense - Insanity Sampler #9 ,CD
V/A - Explicttly Intense - Insanity Sampler #10 ,CD
V/A - Explicttly Intense - Insanity Sampler #12 ,CD
V/A - Explicttly Intense - Insanity Sampler #13 ,CD
V/A - Explicttly Intense - Insanity Sampler #14 ,CD
V/A - Extreme Aggression - Compilation #1 ,CD
V/A - From the Underground... - X-treme Records ,CD
V/A - Grind Madness At The BBC - The Earache Peel Sessions with Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror, Carcass, Bolt Thrower, Godflesh, Unseen Terror, Heresy and Intense Degree. ,3-CD Box
V/A - Halvfabrikat - Fick oss att göra det 1999-2009, Vinyl 7´a, Limited to 300 copies.
V/A - Heavy Metal Heroes - Volume 2 ,LP
V/A - Hordes of Darkness - Unexploded Rec ,CD
V/A - Infesting The World Comp ,CD
V/A - Listen to your Inner Voice - Inner Voice Rec, Limited to 100ex ,CD
V/A - Mojo Presents: Destroy! ,CD
V/A - Monster of Millenium - Rocksongs 1980 - 2000 #1 ,CD
V/A - Mortlake Comp #1 ,Tape
V/A - Near Dark - Compilation Vol1 ,Tape
V/A - Obscene Extreme 2009 - Obscene Productions ,CD
V/A - Obscene Extreme 2010 - Obscene Productions ,CD
V/A - Philosophers of the Armageddon ,CD
V/A - Roadrage - 2003 ,DVD
V/A - Slavonic Resistance ,CD
V/A - Southern Assault Vol.1 - Guardians of Metal ,CD
V/A - Sverige Mangel Punk & Hardcore Comp - Anarkopunx/Container Rock Production ,CD
V/A - The Best of Metal Blade Vol3 , Double Foldout LP.
V/A - The Cold, The Silent , CD Dragon Flight Recordings.
V/A - Under the Banner of Darkness - Near Dark Prod ,CD
V/A - Very Best of Blues ,CD
V/A - Voices of Death Part 1 ,CD
V/A - Voices of Death Part 2 ,CD
V/A - Voices of Death Part 3 ,CD
V/A - Voices of Death Part 4 ,CD

The Four Horsemen - A Tribute To Metallica, CD Digipack.
The Beast - A Tribute To Iron Maiden , CD Digipack.
Voices - A Tribute To Dream Theater , Double CD Digipack.
A Tribute To Nasum, Double Foldout White LP Limited Band Edition.


Charles - Orden Inom Mig (Skate/Punk ,CD Digipack)
Dick Tracy - Demo 2009 (Crust/Punk, CD Demo)
Dune & The London Session Orchestra - Forever (Electro/Symphonic, CD)
Fornicator - All Punx are Pirates (Street punk, ,Promo CD)
Greg Kelley - Self-Hate Index (Limited in 500 copies, Extreme Saxophone ,CD)
Jimi Hendrix - The Genius of Jimi Hendrix - Original Sessions (Rock/Blues ,Double Foldout LP)
Jimi Hendrix - The Jimi Hendrix Concerts (Rock/Blues ,Double Foldout LP)
Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire (Country Rock , Triple CD Box)
Kent - Verkligen (Indie Pop/Rock ,CD)
Kent - Isola (Indie Pop/Rock ,CD)
Shit-Bräts - S/T (Metal/Comedy ,CD)
SIR REG - S/T (Folk/Prog/Punk ,CD)
Steel Mill - Jewels of the Forest - Green Eyed God + (Prog/Hard Rock ,CD Slipcase)
The Byrds - The Greatest Hits (Rock/Pop ,CD Remastered & Remixed)
The Doors - S/T (Rock,Various ,CD)
The Doors - Alive She Cried (Rock/Various ,LP)
The Doors - An American Prayer (Rock/Various ,LP)
The Doors - Greatest Hits (Rock/Various ,LP)
The Norrman Basement Band - S/T (Rock/Pop , CD Promo)
Tom Waits - Bounced Checks (Jazz/Blues/Various ,LP)
Tom Waits - Alice (Jazz/Blues/Various , CD Digipack)