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United States 
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Just a metal head with a wide range of musical interests.
My scale
•100%: Near Perfect (as close to perfect as you could get)
- These are albums that are top of the top, either from their own respective bands or the genre they encompass.

•99%-90%: Fantastic / Amazing
- Just as the name applies, fantastic releases that have very minor issues but not near perfect in terms of quality.

•89%-80%: Great
- Great releases that are pretty strong, could have a few lower quality tracks mixed in; possibly some noticeable flaws that take away from the quality.

•79%-70%: Good
- Fairly good releases, might have a couple of great tracks, handful of good ones and some alright songs.

•69%-60%: Mostly Average
- Nothing really too interesting, probably has a really good track or two, mostly has average tracks with some poorer ones thrown in.

•59%-50%: Meh / Halfway Decent
- Nothing special at all, serviceable at most. Could have some good tracks but is mostly filler songs or just downright bad ones.

•49%-40%: Mediocre
- Uninspired and lazy, most of the songs don't really pack much of a punch. Could have a decent song or two in it though.

•39%-30%: Bad
- Most of the songs are pretty mediocre with more songs that range from bad to really poor thrown in.

•29%-20%: Very Bad
- Even less songs that may be considered mediocre and are more down right bad. Lacks development and has poor execution.

•19%-10%: Terrible / Horrible
Absolutely poor in quality with very little redeeming qualities.

•9%-1%: Almost unlistenable
Completely dreadful. Have an extremely hard time finding good things to say about the music.

•0%: Unlistenable
- Cannot find absolutely anything good about the music. Would rather lose my hearing than to listen to whatever I did again.