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MetaLebo's profile

Fred Durst 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Melodic/Symphonic Black Metal. 

Well What is the true definition of metal ? The perfect band has to have good choruses ( something bands lack of nowadays ) , vocals that are willing to sing with the tune of the song. Guitar solos need to vary , Drums should change pace from time to time.

Bands worth checking out.

Symphonic Black Metal: Eyes of Noctum

Nicholas Cage's son is in that band . Haha, that's what makes it so special . Just joking ...the vocals are what makes this band special.

Melodic Death Metal : Serpent

Japanese Metal bands are absolutely gold. They play metal like noone else. Serpent one of the best melodic death metal bands you could ever hear.

Melodic Death Metal with Folk influences: Forsaken Hill

Forsaken Hill yet still has the potential of becoming the next Ensiferum . They are better than them in my opinion especially with their last release.

Neo-Classical / Gothic / Symphonic Black Metal: Enslavement of Beauty

Enslavement of Beauty made me love metal . I was never a fan until I listened to their album '' Megalomania ''. Masterpiece , cannot be described as anything else. It's made of a music genius named Tony Tunheim and vocalist Ole Alexander Myrholt.

Melodic Black Metal: Catamenia

These guys don't even know what they're doing at the moment. The old Catamenia is the best. They've changed so many members within the years , but left a music genius behind which stayed . Drums is one thing that Catamenia specialises in since they're always at a great pace.

Melodic Death / Black with Middle Eastern Influences:

Narjahanam and Odious. Best middle eastern bands of all time.

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Thanks for reading.