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MeshuggahRushHour's profile

Full name:
Gavin Beattie 
United Kingdom 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Grindcore, trap metal 

Hair colour: Dark brown
Eye colour: Blue
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual (Straight)
Nationality: British (to be more specific, Northern Irish because Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom)
Religion: Protestant

Bands that I enjoy that are on the Metal Archives:

Alice In Chains (like them more than Nirvana), Soundgarden (also like them more than Nirvana as well), Meshuggah, Metallica (not as much these days as they’re too mainstream for me nowadays), Slayer, Anthrax, Testament, Motörhead, Motley Crüe, Gojira, Fear Factory, Cannibal Corpse, Sepultura, Soulfly, Lamb Of God, Machine Head, Napalm Death, Carcass, Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, Strapping Young Lad, Rainbow, Pantera, Black Label Society, Obituary, Trivium, Suffocation, Kyuss, Ministry, Def Leppard, Black Sabbath, Behemoth, Judas Priest, Pitchshifter, Anvil, Bad News, Melvins, Mastodon, Larry David, Brutal Truth, Wormrot, Brown Brigade, Assück, Impetigo, General Surgery, Sarcofago, Spinal Tap, Despised Icon, The Red Chord, Johnny Truant, Glass Casket, Hivesmasher, Old Lady Drivers, Maruta, Animosity (USA), Stomach Earth, Nightkin, Myth City (Scarlxrd’s old band), Nemesis (Ghostemane’s old band) etc.

Bands that I enjoy that are not on the Metal Archives:

Led Zeppelin, Stuck Mojo, Converge, Pearl Jam, Queens Of The Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures, Clawfinger, Rage Against The Machine, Korn, AC\DC, Cancer Bats, Hatebreed, The Prodigy (RIP Keith Flint - The Firestarter), Nine Inch Nails, Stone Temple Pilots, Guns N' Roses (another band I’m not as much of a fan of nowadays for the same reason as Metallica), Audioslave, Architects (English band), Botch, Body Count, Primus, Psyopus, James Plotkin’s Phantomsmasher, Test Icicles, VCR (American band), Youves, Genghis Tron etc.

Trap metal artists: City Morgue (ZillaKami, SosMula and Thraxx), Ghostemane, Scarlxrd, Gizmo, Sinizter, Kamiyada (including Midnight Society), 0500GCSY (Cameronazi x $ubjectz), Nascar Aloe (he’s more of a punk trap artist), Prxjek, Slen x Twentythree, Jasiah, Hxnjv, Prison Religion and Dropout Kings.

Local bands that I enjoy (including some non-metal bands from my country):
So Much For The Sun, Cursed Sun, Wardomized, Unyielding Love, Acid Age, Scimitar, Disconnect, Surf Green, Necrofuck, Deathbus, Neamhní, Danny Excellent, Congenital Abnormalities, Shrouded, Korvid, General Fiasco, Snow Patrol (even though people would consider them as the most overrated band to come from Northern Ireland), Two Door Cinema Club, Winter, Flesh Impaled, Electric Octopus etc. There’s tons more, surprisingly...

Bands that I hate:

Bring Me The Horizon, Bullet For My Valentine, Motionless In White, Asking Alexandria and Miss May I. Also bands like Nirvana (a band I used to absolutely love but nowadays, I just simply can’t fucking stand them, as I know certain people would consider them as the most overrated grunge band ever).