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Mercyful Trouble's profile

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Roshan Gupta 
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Doom Metal and Death Metal 

Hey, just a metalhead using this site to be more a part of the metal community and to enjoy reading/sometimes writing reviews and finding bands. 18 years old, and very passionate for metal music.

A few of my favorite "famous" metal bands, not including tons of more "underground" favorites, are:
Black Sabbath
Saint Vitus
Mercyful Fate
My Dying Bride
Angel Witch
Solitude Aeturnus
The Obsessed
Bolt Thrower
Reverend Bizarre
And a whole bunch of other predictable stuff.

The subgenres of metal I notice I favor the most are death metal, death/doom, traditional doom metal, epic doom metal, and a bit of stoner and sludge metal. I also love traditional heavy metal, speed metal, thrash metal, first wave black metal, blackened death and thrash metal, sludge metal, power metal, and grindcore. You'll also occasionally find me listening to black metal, melodic death metal, brutal death metal, technical death metal, gothic metal, goregrind, progressive metal, etc.

Really speaking, I love metal and this site is awesome. I occasionally write reviews for whatever albums I feel like, so check those out if you wanna read something overlong and redundant!

My rating scale is simple.
95% or more is an album that's a staple for me. Top tier stuff, of course, it's in rotation frequently. These albums are always one of a kind, and though imitated (sometimes pretty well), they are never quite matched. They've got a one of a kind atmosphere that is very hard to describe, it's just got to be felt. (Examples: Cathedral's Forest of Equilibrium, Incantation's Mortal Throne of Nazarene, Slayer's Hell Awaits.)

90-94% is a secondary staple. These albums probably comprise most of my recreational listening because they are truly exquisite and save me from wearing out my absolute top picks, which there's fewer of anyway. (Examples: Gorguts' The Erosion of Sanity, Pentagram's Day of Reckoning, Sepultura's Beneath the Remains.)

Upper 80's indicate quite solid albums just short of mastery, while lower 80's indicate rather solid albums that I do however have a couple nitpicks for.
(Upper 80's Examples: Ozzy Osbourne's Blizzard of Ozz, Sodom's Obsessed by Cruelty. Lower 80's Examples: Necrophobic's Darkside, Malevolent Creation's Retribution.)

70's indicate likable albums that have a few things I'm not pleased with, while 60's indicate albums that have noticeable flaws but are okay nonetheless. (70's Examples: Testament's Practice What You Preach, Morbid Angel's Domination. 60's Example: Dio's Sacred Heart, Autopsy's The Headless Ritual.)

You generally won't find me docking points for stuff like "it just didn't hold my interest" or "it was boring". Not that those are invalid reasons to dock given someone's personal taste, but rather because I find myself invested in whatever I'm listening to, even if I notice things I don't care for.

You also won't find me rating much stuff below 60%, to be honest. In truth, I'd probably use ratings that low for bands I straight up don't like, and why would I waste my time reviewing artists whose music I don't really care for? That's why I feel bad for professional reviewers who sometimes have to!

Last but not least, if you see me on the forums, strike up a conversation!

"They're always there, every night, standing up in the front!
They look so fine in metal and leather, heavy metal is their life!
Heavy metal angels, metal and leather!
Heavy metal angels!"