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MasterM900's profile

Metal newbie 
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Michael Haggard 
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Thrash, Death, Black, Heavy 

My name is Michael Haggard.

Nothing really special, Im 14 and listen to a variety of Metal and occasionally some rock. My collection doesnt have much variety to it due to the fact I like to collect Discographies instead of albums from bands i'll probably never listen to. I have been on the Archives for a bit, but I havent been active because i got flamed... I have been flamed for being a fan of non-metal stuff. And for being Christian. While i admit i still listen to non-metal occasionally, I have replaced my religion with Agnostic. God Exists. But his only purpose is to keep us flawed humans from being worried about how we were "created." Religion in a whole is the same as Democracy, MTV and Censored News. To keep us from being worried. Though most metalheads know this already.

I hope to get better at reviews. So here is my guide on what I rate albums.

0%-50% Pointless to newcomers, save these for the fanboys/collectors
51%-69% Failing grade, though potential, worth checking out atleast
70%-85% Check out, maybe buy if you like it, decent
86%-95% Great album, buy it
96%-100% Uber Album. Have fun with this pure awesomeness

Rejected Reviews.
Trivium's "The Crusade" 60%
-Good reason, completely my fault, I overlooked the 18 identical "sounds like metallica" reviews haha.
I Don't Want To Die In Texas' "I Don't Want To Die In Texas"
- I don't like the reasons, but I get them, I'll try better on my next one i guess?

I feel guilty about listening to the more popular side of metal, but that's what I was exposed to, and I'm trying to get into underground metal. So please send me any samples of bands if you want to help!

I enjoy listening to music, playing Xbox 360, hanging out with friends and texting on my cell phone.

I honestly, dont really give a fuck what you think about me. I don't know anyone on these forums personally. Yeah im going to annoy you, Yeah you can flame me. But the only thing anyone will think about you is "Wow, you have no life because your flaming a 14 year old because [insert topic here]"

So thats basically it, check out my myspace to know more about me.