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Mart Thunderdark's profile

Full name:
Marcin J. 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Black, Viking, Doom, Symphonic 

I'm 16 y.o. Metalhead from Poland. I listen to Metal since 2013. I started with Metallica, Nirvana, Motorhead and Iron Maiden. Later I explored Black Metal because of Behemoth, Burzum and Dimmu Borgir. I love many subgenres. Heavy, Speed, Progressive, Alternative... but the most favourite genres are Symphonic Metal, Black Metal and Funeral/Death Doom Metal. I'm not into Thrash and Death Metal at all, and I hate Groove Metal.
Unfortunately I don't play any instruments but I growl very well!

Except Metal I also listen to Classical music, Film music, Blues, Country, Reggae, Dark Ambient, Classic Rock and Folk music.

Yeah, music is my passion but also I love taking photos of beautiful landscapes, writing stories and reading books.

My other music albums:
-4 Non Blondes - Bigger, Better, Faster, More! (casette) [pop-rock]
-Alice Cooper - Trash (CD) [hard rock]
-Alice Cooper - Pick Up The Bones (CD) [hard rock]
-Bob Marley - Trenchtown Rock (2 vinyls) [reggae]
-Bob Marley - Reflections (2CD) [reggae]
-Bon Jovi - Greatest Hits (CD) [glam rock/metal, hard rock, pop-rock]
-Dire Straits - Sire Straits (vinyl) [rock, hard rock]
-Ira - Ogrody (vinyl) [glam metal, hard rock, pop-rock]
-Ira - Bez Prądu (Unplugged) (DVD) [glam metal, hard rock, pop-rock]
-Ira - Akustycznie (CD + DVD) [glam metal, hard rock, pop-rock]
-Korn - Life is Peachy (CD) [nu-metal]
-Korn - Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (CD) [nu-metal]
-Kiss - Love Gun (CD) [glam rock]
-Kiss - Dynasty (CD) [glam rock]
-Maleo Reggae Rockers - 20 Lat - Bez Was Nie Ma Nas - Dziękujemy (CD) [reggae rock]
-Nirvana - Nirvana (CD) [grunge]
-Pink Floyd - The Wall (2CD) [progressive rock]
-Pink Floyd - A Foot In The Door (CD) [progressive rock]
-Queen - Greatest Hits I II & III (3CD) [pop-rock]
-Queen - Made In Heaven (CD) [pop-rock]
-Siouxsie & The Banshees - Juju (vinyl) [gothic rock, post-punk]
-Terminal - Terminal (EP) (CD) [progressive/alternative rock/metal]
-Terminal - Tree of Lie (CD) [progressive/alternative rock/metal]
-The Cranberries - Gold (2CD) [pop-rock]
-Then Comes Silence - Blood (CD) [gothic rock, post-punk]
-U2 - Songs Of Expression (CD) [pop-rock]
-Varius Artists - Austrian Metal Empire - Napalm Records (promo CD from 5/2020 edition of Polish Metal Hammer magazine)
-Various Artists - Pure... metal (4CD)
-Various Artists - Reggae Discovered (3 vinyls)

Bands I've seen live (chronologically):
-2 TM 2,3 (15.07.2017)
-Armia (14.07.2018)
-Ira (22.07.2018)
-Vader + Marduk + Arkona + Insidius (1.09.2018)
-Kobranocka + Big Cyc (14.09.2018)
-Behemoth (artist meeting conference) (13.10.2018)
-Kobranocka (14.01.2019)
-Kat & Roman Kostrzewski + Internal Quiet (22.03.2019)
-Anastasis (19.07.2019)
-2 TM 2,3 (19.07.2019)
-Hyperhemon (20.07.2019)
-Another Pink Floyd (Polish Pink Floyd tribute band) (21.09.2019)
-In The Woods... + Ereb Altor + Shores Of Null + Isole (6.10.2019)
-Hunter (12.01.2020)
-Łysa Góra + Runika + AHEAD (24.01.2020)

Musicians I met: Adam 'Nergal' Darski, Tomasz 'Orion' Wróblewski, Zbigniew 'Inferno' Promiński (Behemoth), Roman Kostrzewski (Kat & RK), Crister 'Mats' Olsson, Daniel 'Ragnar' Bryntse (Ereb Altor, Isole), Adrianna 'Aminae' Janusz (Runika)

Instagram acc above; Discogs: