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Mallcore kid 

So I wrote Jean back and told her that I loved watching the video and to also let her know that her comment did not make it to my blog. You make them your regulars. This afternoon after Tony left to go to Medina, I was so inspired by that loom potholder tutorial I decided to make another potholder-like the one she used in the tutorial. This afternoon after working I finally had the time to think about my 2020 New Years resolution. Later this afternoon around 4:30, I was passing the time by solving another jigsaw puzzle , on my iPad, when sweet Cindy called me. Cindy started laughing, again. Then Cindy began laughing, again. Then I made two loaves of this fabulous bread and when Tony came home for lunch we ate it for lunch, but before we ate it I took this picture of my two beautiful loaves, so I could send the picture to Cindy. The only reason I have a complete set is because of a large book purchase from two years ago. This wonderful book is available by contacting the Essential Herbal directly for The Essential Herbal By The Hearth. It took over a year, but the seller was finally about to sell the book at $1,499.99. Now, if you go through your mouse on over any of such links ...