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Metal newbie 
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Martin Falk 
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If you happen to read this I may as well give you some ground rules for how my reviews normally are structured:

1. Ratings will be based on numbers of 5 (60, 65, 70, 75 etc). However, for me the score will always be inferior to the actual review of the album since it's in the review section I can express my thoughts and opinions of the album in question. The score for me is just a summary of the overall expression. If you want a more nuanced, in-depth analysis of the album, I recommend you to read the review and to not pay that much attention to the score.

2. When I review an album, I try my best not to compare it with any other albums by the band in question. I always try to judge an album on it's own terms.

3. When it comes to metal, my preferences lies towards progressive, traditional, thrash and to some extent death and power. Therefore, the albums i decide to review mainly will come from those genres. I also tend to focus on the biggest acts more than on the obscure ones, which means that my reviews mostly will cover the most notable bands from each genre.

4. I will only review bands that I like and have positive things to say about. However, I won't hesitate to criticize specific albums by those bands.

I hope you will enjoy my reviews!