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MDL's profile

Metal knight 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Gothic/Symphonic Metal 

aka Actaea.

Submissions that were rejected, for various reasons, with the attributed genres - please, feel free to appeal them when/if they release something more. Send a PM if you need/want some more information about these bands:

Coronavirus (Depressive Black Metal/Mexico)
Forgotten Vale (Depressive Black Metal/Finland)
Freezing the Empire (Depressive Black Metal/Mexico)
S E L F (Post-Black Metal/Indonesia)
Unfold (Post-Black Metal/Australia)
Giurescu (Raw Black Metal/Germany)
Këkkreëhszïnriirbre (Raw Black Metal, Dark Ambient/France)

Dot the Eye (Groove Metal/Serbia)
Elements of Creation (Melodic Groove Metal/Mexico)
New Mecanica (Groove/Heavy/Nu Metal/Portugal)

Aligned (Melodic Heavy Metal/Rock/Sweden)
Bended Steel (Heavy/Glam Metal/Portugal)
Elf Queen (Melodic Heavy Metal/USA)
Macumbazilla (Heavy Metal/Hard Rock/Brazil)

Blut (Industrial/Gothic Metal/Italy)
Type 5 Blood (Industrial Metal/Rock/Russia)

Beyond Frequencies (Melodic Metal/Switzerland)
Shirogami (Melodic Power Metal/Japan)
Dream of Mercury (Symphonic Power Metal/Sweden)

Corvius (Progressive Metal/France)
Hemera (Progressive Metal/Italy)
Shehara (Progressive Metal/Sri Lanka)
Tears of Rasha (Progressive/Death Metal/USA)

Einzelkämpfer (RAC/Heavy Metal/Germany)
Heysel (RAC/Oi!/Metal/Sweden)
Stimmen der Ostküste (RAC/Metal/Germany)
Zoigen Rahowas (RAC/Metal/Germany)

Alone in the Moon (Post-Metal/Rock/USA)
Beneath the Endless (Post-Metal/Finland)
Guthika (Sludge Metal/USA)
Kaldera (Psychedelic Stoner Metal/Rock/Germany)

ArwenStarsong (Symphonic Metal/USA)
Dracontia (Symphonic Metal/Argentina)
Eldengard (Symphonic Metal/Costa Rica)
First Priority (Symphonic Metal/Estonia)
Melitza Torres (Symphonic Metal/Argentina)
October Changes (Symphonic Metal/Belgium)
Of Dreams and Nightmares (Symphonic Metal/Germany)
Ranthiel (Symphonic Metal/Argentina)
Unsoulicited (Symphonic Metal/Germany)
Grimhild (Symphonic Metal/Australia)

Aeteratoma (Goregrind/USA)
Body Decomposition (Goregrind/Mexico)
Carnicero (Goregrind/USA)
Commando FxUxCxKx (Goregrind/Brazil)
Cute & Cuddly Kittens (Grindcore/USA)
Makkmat (Grindcore/Norway)
Meatus (Goregrind/Canada)
Telekinetic Decapitation (Avant-garde/Progressive Grindcore/USA)

Feels Like Home (Metalcore/Canada)
Gods of the Fallen (Metalcore/Hungary)
Heritage (Metalcore/Colombia)
Maieuttica (Metalcore/Brazil)
Mister Misery (Metalcore/Sweden)
True Notes (Metalcore/USA)
Bring Me Eternity (Symphonic Metalcore/France)
Melodic Malady (Melodic Metalcore/Belarus)
Neon Empire (Electronic Metalcore/Ireland)

Beneath From Me (Deathcore/Chile)
Belvebuth (Deathcore/USA)
Glory For All Eternity (Deathcore/Costa Rica)
Poseidon (Deathcore/Indonesia)
$koptic (Deathcore/Germany)
The Cleansing (Deathcore/UK)
Dominant Inhumanity (Brutal Deathcore/France)
Omni Express (Slam/Brutal Deathcore, Synthwave/USA)