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Metal freak 
Full name:
Favourite metal genre(s):
Traditional/NWOBHM, HardNHeavy 

R.I.P. Reaper43 1987-2008

NOTE: I only review really good or really bad releases, so in my reviews you will not find mediocre releases, but I will write what every rating means, including mediocre ones.

Review rating:

100% - Absolutely great, the best album in genre
90-99% - Instant classic and must hear
80-89% - Highly reccomended with only little negative things
70-79% - Good, but with few bad songs or other negative things
55-69% - Average, listen to if you want to complete discography
40-54% - Below average, with few better songs, but not so good
20-39% - Not good at all, avoid
1-19% - Real shit, it is pain to listen this
0% - The worst piece of music ever, reserved for Satanic Army

If you know something about those bands e-mail or PM me:

Enola Gay(Hrv)
Formed in 1986, played heavy metal with female singer

And anything about those really unknown bands:
Crna Ruza, Yo-Yo, Zablja Perspektiva, Annabel Lee, Apokalipsa, Kriza(not the band Kriza from the Archives), No More Experiments, M. Stoned, Strydom, No Man`s Land, Sprovod, Madhouse, Liquid Space, Cerebral Observatory, Valter, 7th Mortuary, Sarcom, Combo, Duševno zaostala djeca, Dječje Groblje, Treća Dimenzija (Zagreb), Piramida (Zagreb).

All bands are from Croatia.

Plus Desert (Beograd) and Kavez (Zaječar), both from Serbia.

Now, bands that recognised my work:
1. Kult Perunov
2. Drama(Hrv)
3. Throm
4. Cydocore
5. Diamond Dust (Hrv)
6. Duskburn/PHSY
7. Nekrist

I also think that some genres are threated unfairly, nothing offensive, of course, that's just my humble opinion.

Glam Metal
Hard Rock