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Lord_Of_Diamonds's profile

United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Anything that sounds unique. 

I like bands that sound like themselves. It doesn’t matter how well-written and catchy a thrash band’s riffs may be. If it sounds like a Slayer or Metallica rip-off, then it loses that much of its musical worth. How hard can it be to step outside the box and draw from your own musical mind instead of everybody else’s? That’s how all the popular bands that you love got popular. They sounded like themselves and people were eager to hear the fresh new sound. If you’re listening to an obscure modern post-Barnes era Cannibal Corpse clone (something which is unfortunately very common), then it should be common knowledge as to why the band isn’t well known. Since they don’t sound like themselves, there’s no need to pay attention to them.

If I give an album a low score, it’s either because it doesn’t sound original or is worth nothing musically (deathcore, slam, etc.) I try to avoid scores below 10, unless the review material is something I really hate or it contributed to the death of the metal genre. Likewise for high scores. I will probably never give an album a score of 100 as long as I live, because I can usually find something wrong with an album no matter what.

Here's how I rate everything else:
90: As good as it gets. Heavy, original, on my all-time favorites list, and something I listen to on an almost daily basis. Examples: the first two Helmet albums.
80: Quite good. Minor flaws like production, arrangements, vocals or lyrics that can be disregarded easily. Examples: Lunar Strain by In Flames, Analhu Akbar by Brutal Sphincter, Butchered at Birth by Cannibal Corpse.
70: Good with flaws throughout, or a few really big honking problems. Examples: A Predator's Portrait by Soilwork, A Sense of Purpose by In Flames.
60: Generic or boring, but it either has some charm or is a guilty pleasure of mine. Examples: JesuSatan by Infestdead, Saturate by Breaking Benjamin.
50: Boring. Or it tries to pull something off, doesn't manage it, and sounds worse as a result. Examples: Severe Cold by No One Gets Out Alive, The Somatic Defilement by Whitechapel.
40 and below: Ranges from a good idea or two thrown in with a pile of crap to the worst heavy metal music ever made. Examples: Shit Beast by Gutalax, Lugal Ki En by Rings of Saturn, American Capitalist by Five Finger Death Punch.