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Lord_Of_Diamonds's profile

United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Anything that sounds unique. 

Fan of most types of metal. I don’t stoop to the level of elitism of some, though. I’m not above listening to some good ol’ early 2000s metalcore or listening to Korn every now and then just for a laugh.

My username is identical to that of my YouTube project. You may refer to me as LoD for short if you wish.


-Unique-sounding bands. The underground metal scene is rife with bands that sound exactly the same, and I like to actually be able to tell what band I'm listening to.

-A good bass tone. The world of metal is such a hard world to produce bass tones in, that we glorify bands for having audible bassists.

-Writing negative reviews that are in direct opposition to the positive ones written by clueless fanboys. There's some part of us that pays more attention to opinions that are the opposite of ours, and if they're shoved in our face long enough, we start to believe them.

-Dismantling Five Finger Death Punch fans. I have a set of VERY well-rehearsed facts/opinions that I use on fans of the band that ruined an entire generation's taste in metal.

-Searching for the ultimate guitar tone. I may have finally found it on Soilwork's "Chainheart Machine" but who knows. There might be a better one out there.

-Any band that sounds like Five Finger Death Punch.

-Drum triggering. This is not a tool to prevent your kick from being muddy; it is an excuse to manipulate the dynamics too much and quantize the living shit out of your drum tracks, thereby eliminating any chance for a groove to appear. I'd much rather hear a super-fast, muddy, slightly off-beat double-kick pattern than a super-fast, machine-like, card-in-the-bicycle-spokes, no-groove double-kick pattern.

-Djent guitar sounds.

-Processed gurgling vocals (deathcore, slam, etc). "REEEEEEEE" and "ROLLLLLLLL" is all you ever hear when listening to this artificially-pitch-shifted, not-even-bothering-to-enunciate-words style of growling.

-People who are more elitist than I am.

REVIEW SCALE (to make it seem like I'm a respected reviewer):
100: No album that I've heard yet deserves this rating. Some have come close, but I can usually find something wrong with an album no matter what. I'll knock 5 points off just for having an inaudible bass.
90-99: As good as it gets. The only flaws are ones that are so small that they're easily ignorable.
70-90: A good to excellent effort. Most stuff that I like fits in here.
50-70: Reserved for generic underground sludge or stuff that has many noticeable production/instrumentation/arrangement issues. Usually listenable, but not great.
30-50: You'd probably be better off not listening to it. Sometimes there's potential in it, but production/instrumentation/whatever errors ruin it.
5-30: Just plain bad. An embarrassment to metal.
0-5: Worth absolutely nothing to anything related to metal. I don't like to give albums such a low rating as this, because I can usually find some redeeming musical quality, but... sometimes not. Or, the band in question plays a style of metal that contributed to the death of the genre, and deserves all the low ratings it can get.