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Lord_Jotun's profile

Favourite metal genre(s):
Varies too often to pick 

"I am what I am, I''m just a man" (KvN)

Currently striving with PHENRIS, IN CORPORE MORTIS, ORGIASTIC PLEASURES, IPRITE, LILYUM, MERCILESS ONSLAUGHT as well as a couple other acts; info about both bands can be found on this site.
I am also a staff member of the FUROR ITALICUS Italian Extreme Metal underground community.
If you are working for a label, zine, band, etc. and are interested in our stuff, feel free to contact us anytime.
If you are a ripoff, flamer, backstabber, cocksucker, etc. stay away and kill yourself.

Phenris contact: [email protected]
In Corpore Mortis contact: [email protected]
Furor Italicus contact: [email protected]
- ALWAYS ADD THE SUBJECT IN YOUR MAIL PLEASE. Mails without subject are deleted straight away, thank spammers, worms and viruses for that.
- Write in English or Italian only please. I can more or less understand a couple of other languages, but we need to keep things simple and quick.
- These addresses are to be used as a contact for the BANDS in question EXCLUSIVELY. If you wish to contact ME for any other matter PM ME ON THE METAL ARCHIVES FORUM.

Stay Metal

Lord J.