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Loloj's profile

Full name:
Nathan Dring 
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
All except core. 

I'm a diehard metal fan who listens to death metal to groove metal and everything in between. I'm 15, and I don't put up with shit. I don't care how old a band is or what their reputation is, if they release a bad album, they don't deserve my respect. My favorite band is Iron Maiden and my favorite genre is thrash. I upload some awesome metal on my youtube account. Check it out on

For my reviews, I try to be as fair as I can. I always listen to albums thoroughly and try not to judge them too hard. I also think that bands are allowed to have a bad album once every ten years. People always moan about how weak bands new album were compared to the old, but people must understand bands need to progress and make a career out of music. Now, if they put out crap like St. Anger, that's a different story. But other albums that are good quality, just not as great as their heyday releases, shouldn't be nearly as criticized as they are. With that said, if a band puts out a crappy album, their next record better make up for it.

I try to be as fair as possible, but in my personal opinion some works deserve horrible scores. Some works deserve high scores. All reviews are MY opinion.