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Metal newbie 
Full name:
Tyler U-God 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Death, Doom 

Hey folks, Leperous here. I have come to give people succinct music reviews at little to no cost. I try to review music I enjoy, and work from there. I am not one of those people who says "If its lower then a 75, don't get it," because there are always circumstances.

Give an album a few spins, and that 60% might become an 80%. Time will tell my friends!

I also tend to review from a fan of the bands genre. So if I gave Darkthrone's Transylvanian Hunger an 80%, I am looking at it through a black metal fans perspective. I would not see people who are into power metal listen to Darkthrone and like it, and I am not a fan boy of anything (Well, in some cases...)

I am a musician as well, and when it comes to music, I am a musician first, then a fan. I play bass, do vocals and can do some mixing.

My Epic Rating System!

100%: The best of the best. Timeless classics. Bands that receive these are the true masters of their domain.
95%: Excellent. A few irks, but compared to the overall sound, it doesn't hurt it.
90%: Still Excellent. More little bugs that could have been changed, but I am not complaining.
85%: High end stuff. Really good.
80%: This is something you should buy, depending on your financial situation.
75%: Flaws are becoming more apparent now. Not bad, but there are things that hinder this from me liking it.
70%: Again, just cause its a 70 doesn't make this release bad. It just means it isn't the most memorable thing I've heard. A filler album if you will?
65%: Almost failure. Hopefully the band will improve.
60% We're falling, and fast. Usually I find 2-3 good things are shitted on by one big thing, like terrible vocals, along with bland drums. The guitars and bass can only do so much.
50%: Well, they did it half right. But that still doesn't mean its good.
40%: Do bands listen to the things they make? Many flaws, but rummaging through trash, I can find something I enjoy.
30%: I am doing this for your sake, be glad.
20%: Sometimes people shouldn't make music. This hurts the scene more then helps.
10%: I will listen to this as quietly as possible in order to minimize the damage to my ears.
0%: No hope remains. All is lost. It is hard for me to give this out. Anything below a 50% is bad, but if something receives a 0, it should have never existed. It is a waste of materials, time, effort, money, sweat, tears and blood(Although maybe not the last three because they obviously didn't try and make a good release!).