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Metal newbie 
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Carlos J. Pozo de Gracia 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Folk/Power/Progressive mainly. 

Spanish metalhead, like music, metal, anime, manga, books, chatting and inteligence in general. Hate ignorance, rap, hip hop, tecno, pop and bas music in general. Even though I might like rap in metal. I'm beginning to play e-drums, and have a proto-band, but I'm still too amateur to consider myself a drummer or even a member of a band, so don't ask.

Here is how I see the ratings:

100% - Perfect score. I just fail seeing any flaw to this album. Anytime, everywhere, I could listen to this album, and I would never bore. If you like music, even if it's not metal, get this. A classic in my mind, and it might redefine a genre if overlooked.
90-99% - Awesome album. This album might be as well a classic. If you like the genre, you'll love it. If you wanna try the genre or the band, it will be a good start. Usually, a rating of 90 or above means that there are no fillers, but maybe an album that is so good or that the filler it's at the end of the album might get this rating too.
80-89% - Very good album. You might like it even if you are not fan of the genre. It might have a filler, or that overall it's just not fucking killer to get a better rating, or just that it's too inconsistent. Recommended albums. Fans of the genre should already have these albums.
70-79% - Good albums. They have for sure a filler, or any song that it's just a bit bland, but the other tracks, or the overall result save the album. If you are not a fan of the genre and wanna try it, better seek for better albums. If you like the genre, you will like this for sure.
50-69% Average albums. Here things are not so clear. This albums are a mixed bag. They have it's bad songs, but maybe something saves them for despair. Even though, there are some of these that have no awesome songs, and are just mediocre albums. If you are very fan of the genre or the band, you might want it... if not, reconsider it.
30-49% Bad albums. Probably there is one or two good songs, and the rest just sucks. Maybe there is even no good songs, but everything it's just below average. I don't recommend this, even though some may like it.
0-29% No albums. Yeah, that's right. This isn't an album. It's a Metallica record, or some Metallica lost tracks with another name to fool us. That means, it's no music. Usually, this just sucks. Don't get it, please.

Top 5 Albums:
1.- Moonsorrow - V: Hävitetty
2.- Angra - Temple of Shadows
3.-Shadow Gallery - Tyranny
4.- Moonsorrow - Voimasta Ja Kunniasta
5.- Tool - Lateralus
6.- Moonsorrow - Kivenkantaja
7.- Týr - Ragnarok
8.- Opeth - Morningrise
9.- SuidAkrA - Caledonia
10.- Wintersun - Wintersun


Bands that I like or love and aren't here are:
Tool, System of a Down (not Nu-Metal, you sucker!), Porcupine Tree, Rage Against The Machine, The Mars Volta, Tenhi, Gwendal, Lúnasa, Luar Na Lubr, Alan Stivell.


I don't have a lot of favorite reviewers, but there is one that I highly recommend, probably because his tastes are similar to mines. Requiem99 also loves Power/Prog/folk, and melodeath like me, so I really like his reviews, and many bands that I loved are bands I discovered thanks to his reviews. So big clapping to him. Also, I recommend reading the Ultraboris review of Master of Puppets, if you haven't done yet.

As a final note: my e-mail is also my msn account, and anyone who wishes to discuss about music, metal, or whatever, may add me to talk.