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La_Noche_Trieste's profile

Metal newbie 
United Kingdom 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Black, Death, Doom, Sludge 

Doubtless nobody will read this but Internet narcissism dictates I put something up (don't you just love the modern world). So here goes:

My journey with metal started with a very unlikely band, Foo Fighters and their song The Pretender in 2007. Beforehand my interest in music was fleeting but there was something about the aggressiveness (or what I then perceived as aggressiveness) with which Foo Fighters put across their music. From there I expanded my taste into emo bands for which I now chastise myself (30 Seconds to Mars, My Chemical Romance, Paramore, all that stuff). Yet by this point I had gained that all consuming lust for material that was heavier, more aggressive and more extreme. Thus my next step was nu metal and Marilyn Manson. This stuff captivated me for years, and whilst now I can see that it isn't really metal, I will unapologetically state that I still like a lot of nu metal bands for what they are (except Limp Bizkit. I never liked them). But this still didn't satisfy my aforementioned lust, and thus I encountered Paradise Lost circa 2009/2010 (although by this point I was listening to some Metallica). This was arguably when I could qualify myself as a true metal fan, and my taste in bands really expanded to include the likes of Ghost Brigade, Bolt Thrower, Amon Amarth and in particular My Dying Bride.

My most recent venture has been into black metal, which I got into in the summer of 2012, through watching a live Gorgoroth video. However I'll be the first to admit my taste is still limited (there's a lot of older, more famous metal bands such as Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden I have ashamedly bypassed) but I hope through this site I will expand my taste.

Favourite bands/genres etc:

The two genres that I mainly listen to now are black metal and doom metal. In particular as previously stated I like the death/doom and funeral doom subgenres (alongside black/doom of course). In my opinion, the lack of emphasis on speed within doom makes the music more listenable, and easier to engage with. Furthermore, doom is incredibly diverse musically, ranging from the likes of Electric Wizard, who take cues directly from the likes of Black Sabbath, to much more darker, more extreme bands whose growls and shrieks haunt you long after the song stopped.

Black metal I also find to be incredibly diverse (despite its "Kvltlier than thou" impression). This is mostly as a result of the lyrical range. The black metal songs I have encountered have lyrical content ranging from Satanism (obviously), to Paganism (whether that be Germanic, Slavic or even Aztec), depression and criticism of modern society. Furthermore, even though it seems incredibly easy to make bad black metal, if done properly it can be emotive, atmospheric and can wholly immerse you, much like many of the album covers. However I will state now that due to my left wing stance I hate NSBM (or National Socialist black metal) simply for its heinous ideology, and as such I try to steer clear of these bands and "artists" like the plague. Finally, there are other genres I like, such as death metal (in particular melodeath such as Insomnium), but I don't listen to enough of these bands to talk about them at length.

Finally, in terms of bands I like, here's a brief list of some bands I enjoy listening to and would highly recommend:

- My Dying Bride
- Insomnium
- Lunar Aurora
- Darkthrone
- Emperor
- Anathema (at least their older material)
- Disembowelment
- Ahab
- Ghost Brigade
- Darkestrah
- Winter
- Sepultura
- Machine Head
- Nortt
- Elysian Blaze
- Dragged into Sunlight

So there you have it. I never realised I could write so much about myself. Yep, I'm a vain prick it would seem.

My rating system:

For anyone who can be bothered to check out my reviews, here's a quick rundown of how I would rate things.

0-9% - Taste is subjective, but anything with this kind of rating is a steaming shitstain on the fabric of human existence (hypothetically, this is where I would place NS records by their virtue of being NS, but as previously stated I would never review that fascist garbage in the first place).

10-19% - Bad. Just bad. Maybe the band was having a bad spell or something similar, but stuff here will be inexcusable.

20-29% - There may be a modicum of musical talent somewhere if one is feeling generous, but it isn't bloody apparent.

30-39% - Moving into the realm of average, but most definitely on the lower scale thereof.

40-49% - Still mildly poor, but there will be noticeable positive elements, though these will be few and far between.

50-59% - Solidly average and unremarkable. Not outright bad overall but not really worth shaking a stick at.

60-69% - The upper scale of average. Stuff here may have decent elements, but overall it won't impressive.

70-79% - A good job. There will be some flaws, but the positive aspects here will more than balance those out.

80-89% - Very good work. Not perfect by any means, but something you'll never regret listening to.

90-99% - A "TAKE MY MONEY!!" kind of record. An incredible listen and most likely a classic or future classic (at least I think so).

100% - I'll try to limit the amount of records which I give this rating to. Stuff here will be very nearly seamless (nothing can ever be seamless. After all, we're just overgrown apes at the end of the day).