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Jevgenij Kapustin 
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To be detailed soon... 

Since I officially became a fan of metal since 2006, I''m currently coming around in this vast world of the heavy metal music and keep growing my musical interests into something new. That''s why I''ve recently started composing my own music to reflect what my heart and soul has in common with metal; the sounds, the groove, the atmosphere, the lyrics at least...

Below I will share my opinions about numbers of metal (sub)genres listed below, starting with my most favored ones and ending with my least ones. Not all I say is just a fact, it''s just how I feel the way I relate to each and one of them.

Progressive metal: A genre I could hate to love for... While I don''t relate myself as much with the retrospective influence in the rock/metal bands, I do like the modern sound that they use to make their music catchy and accessible. Still, I''m open-minded enough to listen to the compositions that are trying to sound original and, most important of all, as little predictable but still memorable. And the way the progressive bands do, they generally use complex techniques and odd time-signatures, but even deep lyrical themes that aren't overused in the popular music. And I''m glad to have found out that the prog albums have more conceptual lyrics than any other existing genres. Why sing about love when you can empathize the drama around it or just twist it?
Favourite bands: Dream Theater, Ayreon, Pagan's Mind, Devin Townsend, Redemption, Wolverine, OSI and plenty more...

Power metal: While not having much bands that appeal to my taste, it is clear that some of my most favourite bands and albums are placed in this territory. With well-thought melodies, groovy arrangements and epic atmosphere, the songs are generally living up to the name of the genre. The downside, however, is that I often find bands that don''t satisfy my ears enough, which could have something to do with vocalists that have often high pitches but insufficient power (which might remind some people the of "flower metal" bands) or compositions that are found too predictable. The good thing at least is that some bands are doing well enough by finding some influences from other genres, like progressive, symphonic or simply heavy metal. Doing so will help distinguish a band from the rest. By my experience, it's clear that most of my favourite power metal bands are influenced by other genres.
Favourite bands: Masterplan, Beautiful Sin, Avantasia, Thunderstone and... it''s so hard to squeeze in the new picks...!

More to follow soon...