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Kritus Irilkemar's profile

Metal newbie 
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Black, Folk, Prog, Power 

I am Kritus Irilkemar, but my real name is Rhsoir Aikasr Slpan, after encryption.

Since this is a music website, let me share the history of my musical tastes.

Since I was a kid in the mid-late 1990s, my parents would play 1980s rock and hair metal music in the truck as we went places. After my parents divorced in 2000, I learned that my dad was the one into metal, whereas my mom was more into mellow, folksy stuff on top of Top 40 bullshit whenever we turned the radio on. Since I was put into my mom's custody, that's what I listened to from 2000 to 2006.

In 2006, I was going nuts with the Top 40 stuff. Pop music was my thing. But I didn't really like it, because I had no idea other music existed. That's when I discovered... y'all are gonna love this... Linkin Park.

With the discovery of Linkin Park's debut album from 2000, Hybrid Theory, my musical taste changed forever. Back then, despite occasionally picking up a few songs from KoRn and other such bands, I thought Linkin Park was the pinnacle of musical talent (even though I was a bit bittersweet on my opinion of their tertiary album, Minutes to Midnight). From early 2007 to early 2009, I persisted with that opinion. That's right, Linkin Park was the only band I was truly in love with for TWO STRAIGHT YEARS. I've since beaten that record with other bands, but that is still impressive in a highly repulsive way.

(Nowadays I occasionally listen to a few songs from Hybrid Theory due to pure nostalgia)

In early 2009, with a tiny bit of nudging from a brief spree with Disturbed dominating my playlists, I dove into another band that is consistently labeled as nu-metal by the metal community: Slipknot.

(Just to get this out of the way, Slipknot abandoned nu-metal immediately after their first album and switched to heavy death metal, occasionally throwing in a few more genre influences from then on. Labeling them as nu-metal now is like labeling post-Black album ante-Death Magnetic Metallica thrash metal. I'm not as into Slipknot as I used to be, but throwing meaningful labels such as nu- or -core at things you don't like frustrates me.)

After a few months of Slipknot, I discovered the likes of As I Lay Dying and Unearth. Basically, metalcore. It stayed that way until the very ass-end of 2009, when I discovered that "Master of Puppets is actually really goddamn good" and I became a huge fan of Metallica.

(Note: I still enjoy some melodic metalcore. Most metalcore is very grating to my ears NOT because it's cool to hate metalcore, but rather because many, MANY metalcore bands are just unsure how to make good music it seems. However, the genre's immense amount of shit does not deter me from appreciating the likes of AILD, Unearth, and August Burns Red, plus a few others.)

In January 2010, I bought Mastodon's debut album, and did not like it much. I found that I actually don't like super heavy stuff all that much... at all. In February, I found Trivium and August Burns Red, both bands I still consider amongst my favorite ever. In April 2010, I discovered Death (the band) and fell in love with it. Later that year I found the likes of Scar Symmetry, Sylosis, and Sybreed.

2011 was not much of an "evolutionary" year for me as 2009 or 2010 was. I spent most of the year picking up albums from artists I already had albums from, or picking up new albums by various bands. The only bands I discovered in 2011 that stuck with me are Gojira and Obscura.

In 2012, my tastes re-narrowed a bit. Whereas 2009 got me into metalcore + thrash, and 2010 got me into death + melodic progressive + modern thrash, 2012 had me realize I don't much like most death metal. Melodic death is one of my favorite genres, but plain old death is just boring to me sans Death itself. I also realized that I really, REALLY like folk metal, symphonic metal, power metal, and black metal.

Nowadays, I'm pretty sure I like anything with sufficient melody in it that is at least somewhat original. If a song is completely devoid of any melody, I can't bring myself to like it. Exceptions can be made, however, when something is SO brutal, I just cannot deny the artistry, however only if the band is not quite in grindcore territory; a perfect example of this would be Brain Drill.

I like the following subgenres (note that this list might be missing something I might also like):

- Melodic death
- Melodic metalcore
- Power
- Black
- Folk
- Symphonic
- Progressive

I either dislike the following genres or just can't get into them:

- Djent
- Brutal death
- Grind

Also, when it comes to black metal, do not recommend black metal with shitty production to me. I'm sorry, but that "rule" frustrates me. I think showing your listeners all the effort you put into a song or album is heaps more important than paying homage to the recording conditions of the first black metal album ever. That said, I can make a few exceptions if the bands are exceptional, such as Windir or early Dimmu Borgir.