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Kriieg's profile

Metal newbie 
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Favourite metal genre(s):
Japanese & old school Metal 

Other Releases I have:
Azhubham Haani - On A Snowy Winter Night MLP
Bathory - In Memory of Quorthon LP
Beherit - 23.08.1991 Live in Oulu Tape (lim. 200)
Beherit - Beast of Damnation EP
Beherit - Werewolf, Semen and Blood Tape
Black Shore - Stalinorgel Terrorbeast (Promo)
Burzum - Feeble Screams EP
Burzum - Spell of Destruction EP
Burzum - Once Emperor EP
Cosmic Winds - Ruler of the Cosmic Winds (Tape 5/30)
Darkthrone - In the Shadow of the Horns EP
GG Allin & The Murder Junkies - Hated LP
Gorgoroth - A Sorcery Written In Blood+Promo+Live in Bergen 1996 LP (lim. 155)
Gorgoroth - A Sorcery Written In Blood+Promo+Live in Chile 2004 LP
Hatestorm - Promo CDR
Immortal - Call of the Wintermoon EP
Katharsis - Kommando Metal Tape
King Diamond - It is the Devil I see EP
KISS - Killers Best of CD
Lebensessenz - Le Besoin Perpetuel CD
Lebensessenz - Tage der Nostalgie LP
Mayhem - Live in Zeitz 1990 LP
Mercyful Fate - The first Sacrifice PicLP
Moonblood - Für den Sieg CD
Morbid [Swe] /Poison [Ger] Split CD
Mortem [Per] - Licántropos EP (lim. 300)
Sabbat - Sabbat LP (lim. 173)
Satyricon - Pesten 1996 EP
Sete Star Sept - Revision of Noise CD
The Devil's Blood - The Time of no Time evermore DLP
The Devil's Blood - The Thousandfold Epicentre CD-Book
Tormentor - Tyrant of Transylvania EP (lim. 500)
Venom - Deadline Demo LP
V.A. - A Homage To SABBAT ...Sabbatical Worldwide Hamageddon LP
V.A. - Burning Roots Volume One CD
V.A. - Stimmen aus der Tiefe #1 CD