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Metal lord (retired) 
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Heavy, Thrash, Speed, NWOBHM 

Got into metal in June '95 upon hearing Metallica, whose earliest albums hold up to this day in my opinion. Getting into '70s rock as a kid was what first set me on the path towards heavy music, though. After spending lawn mowing earnings on CDs and tapes at local shops for a few years, I began finding out about bands whose music had to be sent away for. Started trading tapes/CD-Rs through the mail after building up a collection of rare albums and demos, continuing to collect original copies as often as possible. Decades later, the craving for good metal - old and new - rages on. Much of the music that was once obscure, neglected, seemingly forgotten, costly, difficult to track down, and hard to dig further into and get the real facts about has become accessible through the internet and information on it developing substantially - which I appreciate, and have done what I can to help further along.

Thanks to the die-hard collectors and researchers who've shared scarcely-seen, rare music with people who want to hear and find out more about it - you've helped this site out immensely: contributors to the Heavy Metal Rarities forum - especially Emil and Panos, The Corroseum, Robb R. in Wisconsin, Snakepit Magazine, Dark Age Records, DemoGod, Christine and Charly at Cult Metal Classics, Heavy Metal Rarities Archive FB page contributors (especially Chris "Smith," Rob Salina, and Dave Galgano), Long Island Heavy Metal History, Zygmunt, Heavy Metal of Eastern Bloc, Andre Naut√ły, the countless uploaders of rare and interesting metal on Discogs and YouTube, Keith D. (Eternal Darkness), Reuben Storey, Richard S. in Canada, the authors of Rusted Metal, and band members that help out with information - especially the ones that send their music! Thanks also to my girlfriend for love and understanding, Vic/Mike/Matt at Dystopian Dogs, all of the moderators for keeping the site running, and the users that kick ass around here through solid editing, finding interesting bands to add, and applying decency and common sense to what they do - it's been a pleasure collaborating on making this site what it is today.

At 'homepage' link above, a picture of Spooky can be found (R.I.P. 2012).